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Here's What We Mean When We Say The Election Was Stolen

Here's What We Mean When We Say The Election Was Stolen

All U.S. citizens need to understand what conservatives mean when they say that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from President Trump and the American People. 

The claim of theft has never been disproven because of the extraordinary circumstances of what happened and didn’t happen in 2020. 

The election was not “stolen” in the typical fashion. In 2020, it was not the counting of the votes that is in dispute, but who counted the votes, which votes were counted, and who looked away and why. 

How the 2020 campaign was stolen comes down to two indisputable facts

How the 2020 campaign was stolen comes down to two indisputable facts: the election rules were changed in the middle of the campaign and there was no systemic, exhaustive investigation by federal authorities or the courts to disprove that it wasn’t “stolen.” 

Consider, for example, that Robert Mueller investigated allegations Into Russian interference into the 2016 presidential election, but no special counsel was appointed to investigate the 2020 election, which was marked by credible accusations of irregularities. Why was there no attempt to determine whether Democrat Party officials had conducted operations to undermine the integrity of the election? Because the Deep State favors the first type of investigation to maintain its power, and not the latter which wants to break it. 

The Mueller Report did not find sufficient evidence that the Trump campaign “coordinated or conspired with the Russian government in its election-interference activities.” Absent a similar investigation into the 2020 campaign, election fraud has been suggested, but never thoroughly disproved, either by an investigation by the Department of Justice or by the Supreme court which cravenly decided not to hear numerous appeals by the Trump administration. 

The Media and Leftist politicians have continually claimed that allegations of voter and election fraud are “baseless” and/or “unfounded.” Anybody who holds the belief that the 2020 election was illegitimate has been branded a “Far Right” extremist, akin to those who oppose the federal government mandating vaccinations, i.e., making the health care choices for Americans. Forcing medical care on unwilling adult Americans is a clear violation of the right to privacy in the Constitution and which cannot be abridged. Mandating the infliction of health care on Americans is the definition of government tyranny. 
There is only one issue before the country that can save the United States from ruin: Election Integrity. 

We need a new national law that voting must be done in person, on Election Day, and people must present a valid ID, and absentee ballots can only be “requested” by individuals because the threat of voter fraud from “mailed out” ballots is so pronounced that it cannot be allowed anywhere. Without Election integrity in every state, the Constitutional principle of One Person, One Vote is violated. Voter fraud in Philadelphia deprives constitutional liberties to individuals in Iowa. 

The vote “harvesting” that Democrats test drove in 2018 in southern California was expanded to include all the United States

The 2020 Election was stolen because the rules of the election were changed in midstream due to the alleged Covid-19 pandemic. Extra-legal election edicts occurred in several states with Democratic governors and secretaries of state, in Pennsylvania, dramatically, expanding suffrage and complicit lower court judges immediately approving their voting rules. According to the website,, Biden won 76% of the mail-in vote in Pennsylvania, and 65 percent in Georgia. 

The vote “harvesting” that Democrats test drove in 2018 in southern California was expanded to include all the United States. This is a reasonable accusation because the number of absentee ballots counted which had held steady in the 2008, 2012, and 2016 presidential elections at around 30 million, exploded by more than 130 percent to 70 million votes recorded in 2020. Never had there been allegations that whole trays of absentee ballots were dropped in collection boxes in Democrat cities, when theoretically only one absentee ballot is allowed to be cast at a time. 

Incredibly, the number of accepted ballots rose from 98.4 percent and 99 percent in the 2018 and 2016 elections, respectfully, to a 99.4 percent acceptance rate in 2020, indicating that nearly all the absentee ballots had been “cured” by Democrat officials to make them countable votes. 

As recently as 2012, even the New York Times agreed that voting in person is more reliable, particularly since election administrators made improvements to voting equipment after the 2000 presidential election. Nevertheless, Democrats created new voting rules in 2020 that propelled Joe Biden to victory. The main suspicion: Biden support in Phoenix, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, and Atlanta was outsized to similar constituencies in other parts of the United States. Again, no significant forensic investigation was undertaken by the federal government to approve or disprove this assertion. 

Biden votes created from thin air

Biden votes created from thin air is even more likely considering he ran nearly no campaign whatsoever but received more than 81 million votes, the most ever, more even than President Obama did. Biden’s tally of votes seems suspect given that eight months into his presidency in his extremely low approval ratings. But again, no substantive investigation has taken place to prove or disprove anything, hence the obvious justification to the claim that the election was stolen, and it could only be considered “not stolen” had a real investigation occurred or the Supreme Court had heard all the legal challenges and made its own ruling. 

This predicament has created the untenable situation in which two thirds of Republicans tell pollsters they believe the election was stolen. That means 50 million Americans do not have faith in our supposed “free and fair” elections. This in effect, creates a constitutional crisis and a dire threat to the stability of the country. Election Integrity is the civil rights issue of our time, because once a significant portion of the public loses faith in the democratic process, anarchy cannot help but be around the corner. 

So, yes, Virginia, the 2020 president election was stolen because perception is reality, and there is no substantive investigation or court case to prove that it wasn’t. 

Permanent Screw-ups: Why Democrats Think Everything They do is Morally Correct

Permanent Screw-ups: Why Democrats Think Everything They do is Morally Correct

By ——September 22, 2021


What is wrong with Democrats? Well, how much time do you have? The key issue is Dem’s lawless and manic decisions, threatening America in the name of their own petty goals. Leftism proposes that radical politicians can also represent everyday Americans. But the average American wants a stable and well-paying job, low inflation, cheap energy, police protection, and strong resistance to foreign enemies. But leftists will sacrifice any and all of the above to maneuver America into a weakened posture to therefore pursue their dream—an international utopian superstate. For example, how does allowing 2.5 million unvetted illegals immediate entry directly help the USA?

Liberals Don’t Believe in Laws

The belief there are no rules for human behavior is called Nihilism (nile-ism). Nietszche described nihilism as the state where “everything is permitted.” The fact American Democrats are nihilists is deducted by simple observation of their actions. For example, no one can claim legalizing 60 million murders of unborn humans is ethical or moral, let alone a “human right.” Stanley Rosen, in Nihilism, beautifully sums up the dilemma by stating in nihilism, each human becomes a god, declaring their own truths, but is unable to prove their beliefs are actually true. Therefore, nihilism implies the only antidote to lawlessness is God.

How to Fight Dems?
So what can be done regarding the countless transparently harmful actions Democrats engage in now? First, Americans must learn US history, the Constitution and Rights, and everyday logic. Concurrently, Republicans and Patriots must call out these actions and explain exactly why what Democrats are doing is unconstitutional and how exactly it is harmful. These must be detailed briefly and succinctly. We must contact our representatives and senators, file complaints, and take the government to court. Most of all we must become better educated on our history and government to win every debate. For the fight we are engaged in will decide the future of our country.

Dem’s Propaganda:
Dems don’t explain why they engage in extreme destructiveness, outside offering infuriating excuses, such as “loving foreign immigrants,” or “fighting global warming.” So the President states he’s “running out of patience” for Americans to get vaccinated while he concurrently sends millions of untested, unvaccinated, Covid sick illegals across the US this year. One reason Democrats operate this way is because their motivations are wholly objectionable, being un-American and illiterate policies leading to disaster. But another reason is as follows. Leftists believe in the idea of “failing upwards,” where every US mistake is beneficial to socialists dreaming that humanity is destined for a utopian world social-state. Sadly, Democrats believe their dreams can only be achieved by an American collapse.

Using Real Evil to Destroy Fake Disasters:
Democrats offer as their greatest evils dramatic, unprovable “facts” like “Global Warming” destroying the earth, or desperately battling contrived catastrophes like “racial injustice.” Gen Milley’s anecdotal war on “White Privilege” explains why he botched our Afghanistan exit but defended phoning China to warn about Trump. In fact, since Democrats don’t believe truth exists, they constantly concoct one lie after another to mislead America. But recall Dostoyevski’s warning that if God doesn’t exist everything is possible. As Democrats are America’s worst threat, we must stand against them while planning for a society that offers genuine justice without propagandizing our brothers into a war against each other in their crazed battle for Utopia. In the midst of national catastrophes, only a good God can save a lost America, as we’ve known and experienced since our beginning at Plymouth Rock.

Sidney Powell Reveals The Truth About What Pelosi Did On January 6

Sidney Powell Reveals The Truth About What Pelosi Did On January 6

Sidney Powell fights for Donald Trump and the future of our kids

In an interview with Stew Peters, the lawyer revealed what House Speaker Nancy Pelosi planned to do on January 6.

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“According to Powell, on the very day of January 6, there was one last-ditch legal effort that might have stopped the certification of disputed electoral slates by the Congress: A legal challenge to the Electoral Count Act, a 130-year-old law that governs the actual electoral college process,” Peters explained. “This law gives both the House and Senate explicit roles in evaluating electoral slates, even though the 12th Amendment to the Constitution only gives the House a role in choosing the President. The Senate is only involved in choosing a vice president.”

“So Powell brought a lawsuit to overturn that law but only filed it the afternoon of January 6, while a bunch of people was trampling through the capitol,” he added. “That riot might have played to her advantage by delaying the final resolution of the election, but then Nancy Pelosi one-upped her by reconvening Congress and finishing the tally in the middle of the night. The next day, Supreme Court Justice [Samuel] Alito dismissed the case, but it might have been different according to Powell if the election wasn’t already over.”

“We were filing a 12th amendment constitutional challenge to the process that the Congress was about to use under the electoral act, provisions that simply don’t jive with the 12th Amendment to the United States Constitution,” she stated. “And Justice Alito was our circuit justice for that, Louie Gohmert was the plaintiff in our lawsuit, and we were suing the vice president to follow the 12th Amendment as opposed to the… Electoral College Act.”


“So that was the main point, and Nancy Pelosi had finagled to file an amicus brief in it there have been inside goings-on in Congress, whereby I believe it was Steve Scalise and [Kevin] McCarthy kept her from being an actual party,” Powell explained. “She wanted to work her way into the case of the party, but somehow politically, that didn’t happen. So she got noticed when we made our filing because she wanted to file an amicus brief, or had filed an amicus brief, and then, you know, everything broke loose, and she had to really speed up reconvening Congress to get the vote going before Justice Alito might have issued an injunction to stop at all, which is what should have happened.”

Peters responded to this by saying, “you wouldn’t still be fighting for this if you didn’t see that there was a light at the end of the tunnel, the tunnel for accountability to happen here in this country. And you have to believe that that’s going to happen, or you wouldn’t still be fighting, is that right?”

“It must happen, or we’re gone as a country,” she replied. “I mean, for me, this isn’t about the person that was in the office of the presidency. It’s about the republic itself. It’s about the truth that the American people are entitled to. They were robbed of their choice. The American people were cheated of their choice as President, regardless of what his name was, they were flat out cheated of their choice as President.”

“And it’s about the rule of law, the truth and the very essence of our Republic, because without a transparent voting system, which we haven’t had, frankly, since 2004, if not before, in fact, we’ve uncovered evidence that there was a fraud way back in 2000, with the paper ballots to try to push everyone into the computerized systems, which only made it worse and made it harder to detect,” Powell continued. “We must go back to paper ballots. We must go back to real citizen identification and simply hand counting the ballots. It’s less time-consuming, it’s less expensive, and it’s far more accurate than what we’ve just experienced.”

“And we have to have some kind of certified ballot system like we used to have also, none of this prints your own ballot, whenever you want to and stuff 50 album in a box or whatever, whether it’s computerized or a box put out by Mr. Zuckerberg and company,” she concluded. “One of the very troubling things is that the media is so much in cahoots with Dominion and everyone that’s behind this voting scam. I think it goes much broader and much deeper than I originally realized, including aspects of the government. Because they have known about this since at least 2004 and failed to stop it if not absolutely augmented it themselves.”

This is just the beginning. Democrats won’t get away with this.

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What are these three D51 school board candidates hiding?

What are these three D51 school board candidates hiding?

As we all prepare to vote in the District 51 school board race it is time to really dig in to who these candidates are. Ballots should be arriving in the mail any day. Parents and other citizens need to know that they can vote for all three of the district seats that need to be filled. What I have found after looking into the different school board candidates is that three of them Trish Marhe, Nick Allen, and David Combs, are being endorsed and funded by the teachers union and may be hiding something.

We have seen quite a few times how candidates in Mesa County run their campaigns. They say conservative sounding pat answers that seem like they may care about the issues the way the majority does in Mesa county. Many residents fall for it because they see their nice websites, ads, and endorsements from some moderate people around town. On top of that, the main news paper in town The Daily Sentinel is biased. It gives far more positive coverage of certain candidates over others. When you dig into their past you see that they have either deleted many of their social media posts and that they work for political organizations. The paper trail is there but the average Mesa County resident is not taking the time to look. We have found that to be true about these candidates. Nick Allen, for example, deleted all of his posts about supporting the Black Lives Matter organization before running.

Even when hiding their real positions from the public it is difficult for a Democrat/left leaning individual to get elected in Mesa County, but that is not true with the school board. The school board has been dominated by the teachers union, and a left leaning school board for years. With the school board many times in the past these candidates ran completely unopposed. That is not true any more. There are now 4 candidates challenging the teachers unions 3 left leaning candidates.

I know that school board races generally are not supposed to be partisan. Candidates don’t even display their political affiliation as they are running. Unfortunately, national politics has spilled into our schools even at the lowest levels. Kids are being taught to be social justice warriors and given hyper-sexual assignments by their left leaning teachers at younger and younger ages. We recently had one of these events in district 51 that turned into a viral social media post and a parental protest. During the 2020 election cycle, my son described to me how there was a group of 1st grade kids at one elementary school walking around verbally attacking and getting into physical altercations with kids that they had deemed “Trump supporters.” Yes you heard that right, 1st grade. I’m sure that went both ways across the district.

Before I go any further I would like to point out that I am not in any way criticizing the teachers that are part of the district for being in the teachers union. Most of them just want to teach kids and actually hate that politics is getting into the school system at the level that it is. As a side note I think the teachers need to paid more and given smaller class sizes at this point so they can successfully do their jobs. I also believe that kids and teachers could benefit from teachers being paid more based on performance rather then just tenure, but that is another discussion. Something that must be pointed out though, is that all three candidates that the teachers union endorses, and will give funding to, are friends and are left leaning politically. The teachers union did not fund or endorse a single conservative candidate. It is extremely unfortunate that the teachers are somewhat sandwiched in between this epic battle of powerful left leaning tax funded unions and bureaucrats vs the parents who’s kids they are effecting. The MVEA is our local District 51 teachers union. The MVEA is the same teachers union that has funded school board campaigns for years in Mesa County. They then turn around and go to the table to negotiate with those same board members for their contract. That board also selects a pro union superintendent. I personally see all of that as major conflict of interest. Even if there were no political implications, there are financial implications to that relationship. The teachers union gets our tax dollars in Mesa county and then sends some of that money up to the NEA (It’s national affiliate) The NEA is one of the national teachers unions promoting Critical Race Theory and the 1619 project in our schools. They use our our tax payer dollars to push radical ideologies and curriculum that we do not want for our kids. Most people don’t think about how this happens. Even some of the school board members seem to think they were funded and elected “just for the kids.” They don’t seem to realize that they are part of this circle of bureaucracy that has taken our countries schools down the wrong path. Our tax dollars are used to lobby on the unions behalf, fund local pro union campaigns, and mostly fund Democrat National campaigns. You can imagine how living in a largely conservative community and watching your hard earned money go to politicians you do not support could be frustrating. Especially when it comes back down through federal policy that effects your job/business, your rights, and your children’s schooling. It was also the NEA that Lobbied the CDC to change its rules to include more masking during school reopening this fall. Essentially the NEA teachers union used our money to get the CDC to change their “scientific” recommendations for our kids just like the ATF did earlier this year.

It is important for parents and citizens to know that the teachers union funded candidates are also endorsed by just about every left leaning group in Mesa County and the other 4 candidates are not. They have recently been endorsed by The Atheist and Free Thinkers Society proponent Ann Landman who brought Atheist and satanic literature into District 51 a few years back.

This is obviously a big red flag for most parents in Mesa County. If Mesa Counties far left leaning organizations are endorsing them then what else is going on that the public isn’t aware about? What are their real goals? I think the citizens of Mesa County should seriously consider asking those questions before they vote.

Brandon Leuallen,

Founder of the Liberty Report


Proposition 120: What Voters See, May Not Be What Voters Get | Common Sense Institute


Fiscal and Policy Impacts Surrounding Proposition 120 “Reduce Property Tax Assessment Rates”


Key Findings

Proposition 120 – Property Tax Assessment Rate Reduction 

Proposes to permanently reduce the statewide property tax assessment rate for several classes of property. The ultimate impact of the measure hinges on whether 2021 legislation, passed by the state legislature after the ballot initiative was submitted, will remain law. The differing outcomes are more than $972M apart in the long run, or the difference between a potential $1.1B revenue cut to a potential $151M revenue cut in 2024.

  • If 2021 state legislation SB21-293 remains, then under Proposition 120 only residential property owners classified as multi-family will see a permanent drop in their assessment rate from 7.15% to 6.5%. Similarly, only commercial property owners classified as lodging will see a permanent drop in their commercial assessment rate from 29% to 26.4%.
  • If Proposition 120 is passed and the SB21-293 is ultimately overturned, then the lower rates would apply to all residential and commercial properties 
  • As Proposition 120 only changes the statewide assessment rates, the final revenue impacts will vary based on how individual taxing districts adjust their mill levies.
  • In 2022, the first year of implementation of the lower assessment rates, total property tax revenue would grow by an estimated $302M, or 2.5% above 2021 levels if Proposition 120 passes and SB21-293 remains.
  • If Proposition 120 passes and SB21-293 is struck down, local property tax revenue would decrease an estimated $435.3M, or -3.7%, between 2021 and 2022 levels. Colorado local government entities that collect property tax revenue, including counties, municipalities and school districts, have been awarded more than $4.5B in COVID relief aid from the federal government, surpassing any projected revenue declines in the short-term.

Overview: The Gallagher Amendment and Proposition 120

Last year, Colorado voters approved Amendment B, which abolished the formula for determining property assessment rates established in 1982 by the Gallagher Amendment. This, the repeal of the Gallagher Amendment, left a void in Colorado’s property tax policy which legislators and interest groups have begun trying to fill since then—the static assessment rates enshrined by Amendment B in the absence of Gallagher’s formula were never intended to hold permanently, as the removal of its strict policy mechanism left property taxation subject to grow at the same rate of the growth in property values. This leaves taxpayers more vulnerable to sudden market disruptions like the recent spike in home prices.

This year, two major efforts to change Colorado’s property tax policy have come to prominence: Proposition 120, which aims to permanently reduce assessment rates for almost all types of property, and SB21-293, drafted and passed in response to Proposition 120, which, pending likely litigation, tempers the potential impact of the proposition and temporarily reduces some residential and commercial assessment rates.

The Two Scenarios of Proposition 120’s Passage

As it was proposed and approved for circulation, Proposition 120 would, if passed, reduce assessment rates on residential property from 7.15% to 6.5% and on all other property types, besides mining and oil-and-gas drilling, from 29% to 26.4%. Now, due to the passage of SB21-293, which reclassified property types, Proposition 120’s two rate reductions would apply only to multi-family and commercial lodging property, respectively. The proposition’s ballot language was set inalterably before SB21-293’s passage, so the question which will appear on the 2021 ballot incorrectly references the original rate reductions. Whether the intentional disruption caused by SB21-293 will ultimately apply to the implementation of Proposition 120, if it is passed, is still unclear. The measure’s sponsors have stated publicly that they are poised to bring litigation against the legislature which would restore its original effects, i.e., the broad assessment rate cuts indicated in the ballot language.[i] In this report, both of Proposition 120’s possible outcomes upon passage are represented as scenarios and form the bases of the impact projections:

  • Scenario #1: SB21-293 remains effective and Proposition 120 only lowers multi-family and commercial lodging assessment rates.
  • Scenario #2: SB21-293 is overruled and Proposition 120 lowers all assessment rates except those for oil-and-gas and mining property as was originally intended.

The tables directly below show the impacts that SB21-293 and Proposition 120 will have on assessment rates depending upon its outcome under scenario #1 or #2.

Figure 1

Figure 2


Overall Revenue Projections

The fiscal impact of Proposition 120 is to directly reduce property tax revenue to counties and districts by reducing the total assessed value of property below baseline projections. Some counties may raise their mill levies to offset the revenue reductions caused by lower assessment rates, but neither CSI’s modeling nor the state’s fiscal impact analysis includes any adjustments to mill levies necessary to raise additionally the revenue that counties would otherwise lose. In 2024, according to CSI’s calculations, the direct revenue impact of this proposition’s passage would be either -$150 million, under scenario #1, or -$1,118 million, under scenario #2. SB21-293 would not change the direction of the revenue impacts under either scenario, but it would reduce the magnitude of the original projected impact by 86.6%. If SB21-293’s effect upon Proposition 120 is overturned, the total property tax revenue to Colorado counties will decrease from 2021 to 2022 by over $435 million; if it is not, revenue will continue to grow each year regardless of Proposition 120’s passage. The graph below shows a baseline revenue projection alongside projections of Proposition 120’s presumptive impact before and after the signing of SB21-293.

Figure 3

Property Class Growth Impacts

The primary difference between the impacts under the two scenarios besides magnitude, is their distributions across property classes. Whereas the measure under Scenario #1, with the effects of SB21-293, would only apply to one type of property within both the commercial and residential classes, under Scenario #2, it would apply to nearly every property type. As a result, there is a wider range of detailed potential revenue effects even than the total numbers suggest. The table below summarizes the revenue impacts to the state by property class in 2022, by scenario, compared to 2021 collections. The table details the components of the continued revenue growth of Scenario #1 and the first-year revenue cut of Scenario #2.

Figure 4

County Revenue Impacts

Colorado’s counties are, largely, not in dire financial straits at the moment—federal relief aid packages approved in the last year have sent about $2 billion to Colorado localities[ii] and another $2.5 billion to school districts and the Colorado Department of Education.[iii] Proposition 120 would impact no county severely enough to overwhelm the effects of this federal aid, but its passage would still decrease the amounts of money that counties and districts can budget for future years.

Several Colorado counties have authority to allow their property mills to increase in response to a revenue reduction. Even in counties other than the six which have floating county mills, nearly every school district, together covering 99.9% of Colorado’s population, can increase its mill levy on the basis of lowered assessment rates. Recently, HB21-1164 repealed a schedule of property tax credits issued by school districts which decreased the effective number of mills charged to property within those school districts. These are not reflected in CSI’s modeling, but will nonetheless severely temper any revenue shortfalls which Proposition 120 would cause.

Not every county would experience the effects of Proposition 120 similarly under either passage scenario. The lost property tax revenues would be distributed amongst Colorado’s counties unequally—if the effect of SB21-293 endures, counties with large shares of multi-family and lodging property will be impacted most severely by the assessment rate reductions. Densely populated urban counties, like Denver, Boulder, and Broomfield, and counties which rely heavily upon tourism, like Pitkin and Eagle, would experience the greatest revenue reductions per capita; agricultural and manufacturing counties would, likewise, be least impacted. If the measure passes and the sponsors’ lawsuit succeeds, conversely, the counties most impacted will be those with large agricultural and manufacturing sectors. The table below displays these revenue impacts in detail with respect to both outcomes; scenario #1 represents the proposition’s impacts under current law and scenario #2’s values correspond to the impacts of Proposition 120 as written.

Figure 5


The property tax revenue projections presented in this report are based upon the assessed values of property by class and county published in the Colorado Division of Local Affairs’ 2020 property tax annual report. These values, converted into actual property values by dividing them by the 2020 assessment rates, form the year-0 baseline and are grown to project future years’ property values by national inflation projections, county population growth projections, and outlier-excluding averages of the prior 10 years’ growth rates. These projections of total property values are multiplied by the relevant assessment rates, multiplied by their corresponding counties’ average mill rates, and summarized at the state and county levels for each projection year. The projections, consistent with pre-2021 law and revenue trajectories, used in this report only for comparative purposes, were developed from the contemporary projections by adjusting mill levy parameters according to the magnitude of each year’s static revenue decrease.




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Maricopa County Audit Report: Over 57k Votes In Question

Home Journalism Maricopa County Audit Report: Over 57k Votes In Question

Maricopa County Audit Report: Over 57k Votes In Question

Maricopa County Forensic Audit Report/Arizona 9/24/2021/graphic:LollyDaskal

Arizona’s Maricopa County forensic audit report presentation began at 4:00 EST Friday in the State Senate showing over 57,000 votes are in question. The Maricopa audit is just one county in Arizona but it is the fourth largest county in terms of population in the U.S. The full report with Senate President Fann’s letter to AG Brnovich can be found here.

Fann Letter to Brnovich/9/24/21

The independent audit team presented their findings with Senate President Karen Fann presiding. The Senate Republicans chose an audit team led by Cyber Ninjas CEO, Doug Logan and Ben Cotton of CyFIR.

Data analyst and inventor, Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai also presented his analysis of several facets of the audit, including findings on duplicate ballots and ballot envelope images.

Senate liaisons Randy Pullen and Ken Bennett both presented. Bennett reviewed pertinent election laws and statutes toward the end of the presentation that could force compliance by the county to adjust the number of votes.

Senator Peterson, also present for the hearing, spoke at the end. He mentioned the constant obstruction to the audit, ostensibly spending, he said, “hundreds of thousands of dollars” to fight the process of an independent audit that was by and large supported by the citizens of Arizona. Peterson identified many critical issues that need to be addressed, some of which are criminal offenses:

  • The obstruction of the audit.
  • The numbers do not reconcile.
  • “It appears they broke the law with the duplicate ballots.”
  • We need to hold people accountable for the mistakes.
  • There are significant chain of custody issues.
  • Failure to preserve data files.
  • Cyber security weaknesses.
  • Signatures missing on the envelopes.

The Finding Summary Table below provides a quick overview, showing over 57,000 illegal votes, almost 6x the margin of 10,457 votes tallied on Nov. 3 for Biden.

Summary Finding Report/Maricopa Audit/9-24-2021

According to Patrick Byrne with the America Project:

“This audit has been the most comprehensive and complex election audit ever conducted. It involved the hand count of approximately 2.1 million ballots with a  forensic paper inspection and a forensic review of the voting machines. Most important—an in-depth analysis of the voter roll and the 2020 general election final file.”

“57,000 votes and 734 pallets with serious issues were identified in the audit  including improper voter registration and improper voter discrepancies—this is a conservative estimate.”

Dr. Shiva was responsible for the analysis of the ballot images which were handed over only recently due to resistance on the part of the County. Shiva discussed the duplicate ballots, many of which were approved erroneously. There were 2-copy, 3- copy and 4-copy duplicate ballots in the mix. Shiva found that there were ballots that had 2,580 “scribbles” for signatures and 1,919 with no signature at all. He then moved to signature analysis of the EVBs (Early Voter Ballots).

Shiva Duplicates

A total of 17,126 voters sent in two or more ballots as duplicates, according to Shiva.

Duplicate Ballots Going to Signature verification/Maricopa

In many cases, blank signature duplicates came in and one of the blank signature ballots was approved as a valid vote. Others came in with the same address, same name, and phone number but two different voter IDs on the Early Voter Ballot EVB return envelopes.

Same name, address,phone number/different ids/Shiva

Shiva emphasized the importance of the EVBs return envelopes and the signature verification element of the process.

EVB Return Envelopes/Maricopa/Dr. Shiva

Shiva concludes that the signature verification process used in the Maricopa County Audit is unverifiable.

Dr. Shiva/Signature Process Unverifiable/Maricopa Audit

Dr. Shiva’s team found a sudden surge in duplicate ballots between 11-04-2020 and 11-09-2020. There was no mention of duplicates in the Maricopa Canvass Report. 17,126 voters sent in two or more ballots (duplicates). Jovan Hutton said in a post-hearing analysis:

“People were lurking in the system to understand the counts. At any moment in time, they could adjust….they took your legal ballots, fraudulent ballots and counterfeit ballots and the legal ballots voted illegally. They jammed it into the system.”

Surge in Duplicate Ballots/Shiva

Doug Logan began his analysis at around 5 p.m. EST. He reviewed the measures he and his team used to ensure that the audit was comprehensive and secure from top to bottom. Many of the counters were local volunteers performing their inspections to favor accuracy over speed—one of the reasons the audit took several months.

The volunteers examined the paper at a granular level, with microscopes to identify paper fibers, indicating the type of paper used. Over 140 terabytes of data for the paper examination alone.

Paper Examination/Audit

Logan said that the current completed information included in the report includes hand counts, image capture, review and analysis of voter rolls. Not included today are the Splunk Logs and data from the routers. Additionally, paper analysis needs to be completed. He said the record-keeping for the audit was poor.

Current Status of Audit Report/Logan

“There were more duplicates than there were original ballots,” said Logan, and there were numerous concerns with the duplicate ballots in general. Missing or incorrect serial numbers, duplicate ballots co-mingled with originals, etc.

Logan confirmed that the count alone still showed that Biden had the most votes. A proper canvass would be needed to reconcile the multiple irregularities that indicate the ballots counted do not reflect what actually happened in the election. Logan also confirmed Shiva’s finding that the EV32 files did not match the EV33 files—meaning the early voter ballots sent (EV32s) should match the early voter ballots received (EV33).

Duplicate Ballots/MC Audit/Ninjas

Ben Cotton/CyFIR handled the cyber security aspects of the report. His findings were significant. His team captured over 114 terabytes of information, mostly in the form of images of the system.

Cotton said there was “no accountability in the security measures” for the 2020 election. “It only takes one person with admin access to provide external voting access to that voting system.” The system was “neither accountable nor was it secure,” said Cotton.

Among the findings from Cotton’s team are:

  • Found security patches have never been updated since the Aug. 6, 2019 installation of the software.
  • They failed to update anti-virus definitions and failed to preserve security logs. No malware was found on the Election Management System (EMS).
  • Credential management portion of the investigation showed the county allowed shared accounts and common, more easily hackable passwords.
  • Devices on the network were shown to have connected to the internet, contrary to what the county and Dominion maintained. Some of the internet activity “correlated with a purge of data on the day before the audit.”
  • Anonymous logins that wiped out buffers.
  • Someone logged in as an administrator and deleted a lot of data.
  • They caught on video whoever went in and did the file deletion. This is criminal and will be referred to AG Brnovich.

Cotton said the credential management in Maricopa County was “offensive”—meaning the County showed little effort toward accountability of the account holders who had access to the systems.

“I will tell you,” Cotton said, “that in Maricopa County, they failed to provide or perform basic operating system and patch management functions. All major security vendors update their antivirus at least on a weekly basis.”

He was not allowed to look at the poll worker laptops or any ICX devices (for handicapped people). He also stated his team was not allowed to see credentials that would help validate the configuration settings or the admin settings.

Security Issue/CyFIR

There were hardware configuration issues, meaning there were two hard drives on the adjudication endpoint—not an approved configuration—a significant finding. The previous audits done by Maricopa County did not discover this dual-drive configuration.

“This means you can boot from a hard drive that is not part of the election configuration and have access to the election network. Very important. It’s clearly not part of the [approved] election configuration and allows access to the election network. There appeared to be non-Maricopa accounting data on one of the bootable hard drives. There were Domininion databases and data that appeared to have originated from Washington State and South Carolina,” said Cotton.

Hardware Configuration Issues/Dual Drives/CyFIR

Cotton also said there were thousands of file deletions from the (EMS). Files were deleted in several time frames between the end of October and March of 2021.

File Deletions/CyFIR
File Deletions/CyFIR

“One hundred percent of the paper is fake,” says Patrick Byrne in a post-hearing video conference attended by Patrick Byrne, Joe Flynn, Phil Waldron, Steve Montenegro, Seth Keshel and Jovan Hutton Pulitzer. This was confirmed by Jovan Hutton Pulitzer in the same discussion broadcast on The America Project. The American Project has helped foot the cost of the audit with the help of Patrick Byrne and donations from Americans. Byrne declared:

“The election should never have been certified. This is not about Trump or Biden. They deleted a great deal of data and tried to cover up election fraud. It is time for indictments and de-certification.”

The paper issue was not covered with granularity during the hearing but Byrne confirmed the finding regarding the paper stock used is in the full report. Pulitzer says that proper security paper was not used—a significant issue, if true. VoteSecure stock paper should have been used to help avert fraud and bleed-through of voter ballot markings.

Notably, while the report was comprehensive with the information that was made available to the Senate and the auditors, a County-run canvass has not been performed and the auditors have yet to see routers and Splunk logs, passwords, and hardware keys because of resistance from the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors. That agreement has been reached and the findings are forthcoming—no deadline has been mentioned by Fann for the completion of that investigation. The Routers could provide important data that will help paint a more accurate picture of what happened in the County’s November 2020 election.

A canvass was originally requested by the Senate Republicans and proposed in the original contract but significant pushback from the federal government, the Democrats, and Secretary of State Hobbs forced Fann and the Republicans to back off from doing a canvass. A letter in May from Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Pamela Karlan claimed, “potential intimidation of voters” if a canvass were to be performed. A citizen-run canvass, led by Liz Harris and over 1000 volunteers who went door-to-door, found 173,104 “lost votes” and “96,389” ghost votes.

Important to remember is the earlier preliminary hearing in July that revealed multiple anomalies and raised many questions. The audit team reported their painstaking and exacting process to deliver an accurate accounting of the 2020 vote. They revealed in the hearing significant issues with mail-in ballots, signature verification, thousands of duplicate ballots with no matching serial numbers, issues with insecure passwords, and alleged unauthorized security breaches.

UncoverDC reported in July:

  • There were 74,243 more ballots received than sent out—with no records attached.
  • 11,326 people didn’t show up in election files on November 7 but suddenly appeared on December 4, and it was recorded that they had voted in the 2020 election.
  • 3,981 voters were registered after October 15 who voted. It was decided in court that voters registered after that date would not be able to vote.
  • 18,000 voters who voted were shown to have been removed right after the election. Documentation is needed on those voters and canvassing would help, according to Logan.

The Executive Summary shows a number of recommendations related to various facets of an election:

Recommendations from the Audit/Cyber Ninjas/9/24/2021

Rep. Mark Finchem, who held the first full hearing on Nov. 30 regarding the Nov. Election, is now calling for an audit in Pima County where he lives. He wants to decertify the election and hold accountable those who committed election fraud. Finchem is also a strong proponent for new ballots for the state with his Ballot Integrity Project, a project that could help protect the votes for Arizonans.

Finchem joined legislators from across the U.S. with a letter to the American people about the 2020 election, asking to restore the trust of the American people with a renewed commitment to election integrity.

Chair of the Maricopa Board of Supervisors, Jack Sellers issued this letter late this afternoon. An excerpt states:

“Once again, these ‘auditors’ threw out wild, damaging, false claims in the middle of their audit and Senate leadership provided them the platform to present their opinions, suspicions, and faulty conclusions unquestioned and unchallenged. Today’s hearing was irresponsible and dangerous.”

Governor Ducey also made a statement on Twitter. He says “There will be no de-certification of the 2020 Election.” Thread below:


Monday, September 27, 2021

Anyone Who Would Take The Jab After Seeing This Is Not Worth Saving!


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This leads us all the way to Ivermectin. We are not doctors, but experts know the truth behind this drug.

First, they forgot that Ivermectin has been approved by the FDA since 1996. Yes, they said it was safe for human use.

PolitiFact twists the whole story:

This post was flagged as part of Facebook’s efforts to combat false news and misinformation on its News Feed. (Read more about our partnership with Facebook.)

It is true that ivermectin was approved by the Food and Drug Administration that year — but not to treat the coronavirus. The drug was approved for strongyloidiasis, a disease caused by a roundworm, and onchocerciasis, or river blindness, which is caused by a parasitic worm.


The drug was approved for humans under the brand name Stromectol, National Geographic reported, and since then it’s been recognized as a safe treatment for several tropical diseases caused by parasites. In 2015, two scientists even won a Nobel Prize for their discovery of ivermectin and its use to treat diseases caused by parasites.

But unlike, say, river blindness, COVID-19 is caused by a coronavirus, not by parasites. And as PolitiFact recently reported in a story exploring ivermectin, there’s no conclusive evidence that ivermectin is effective against COVID-19.

WIVB Channel 4 News has more:

After a recent resurgence in several states, health officials are warning residents to be aware of a dangerous of an unauthorized “treatment” for COVID-19 — often being taken with dangerous consequences.

It’s called ivermectin and it’s used to treat and prevent parasites in animals, the Food and Drug Administration explains. The tablets are not FDA approved for treatment of COVID-19 in humans and isn’t even an anti-viral drug — meaning it has no impact on the coronavirus. And because the large-concentration tablets are intended for large animals, these can be treacherous for humans.

In addition to not being authorized for treatment, there’s no evidence ivermectin treats COVID-19.


“There’s a lot of misinformation around, and you may have heard that it’s okay to take large doses of ivermectin. That is wrong.”

The FDA and several state officials say they’ve seen an uptick in calamitous use of the drugs, particularly tablets used to treat parasitic worms in horses. While ivermectin is approved for humans to treat certain skin conditions (rosacea) and certain external parasites like head lice, the FDA warns this ivermectin is different than the one used in animals.

On Friday, the Mississippi Department of Health was forced to send out a warning to residents about the dangers of the drug after several poisonings.

The Mississippi Poison Control Center said at least 70% of recent ivermectin-related calls are tied to people taking livestock or animal formulations they bought a livestock supply stores or through online markets.

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Eighty-five percent of callers had mild symptoms — these include rash, nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain — but one person needed evaluation because of how much they’d taken.

More severe dangers of ivermectin ingestion include neurologic disorders, seizures, coma and death.

Use of ivermectin should only be taken if prescribed by a doctor for an FDA-approved use. Regardless of the usage and prescription, the FDA warns ivermectin overdose is still possible. Possible interaction with other medications is also a possibility.


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REASONS TO DECERTIFY AZ – THE LIST: 70,000 Duplicated, Fraudulent, Illegal or Ghost Ballots (7 Times Biden’s Margin of Victory), Devices Missing, Data Deleted, Criminal Acts Referred to Authorities

REASONS TO DECERTIFY AZ – THE LIST: 70,000 Duplicated, Fraudulent, Illegal or Ghost Ballots (7 Times Biden’s Margin of Victory), Devices Missing, Data Deleted, Criminal Acts Referred to Authorities

The result of yesterday’s presentation of the audit results from the audit of the 2020 Election results in Maricopa County is clear –  the 2020 Election results in Maricopa County should never have been certified with Joe Biden as the winner.

When you step back and look at the results of the audit of Maricopa County in Arizona regarding the 2020 Election, the answer is clear.   The current results should never have been certified – period.

The audit presentation yesterday started off with Dr. Shiva, a brilliant man with a resume that is one of the best in the country.  Dr. Shiva uncovered more than 17,000 duplicated ballots (via a ballot envelope review) included in the certified election results in Arizona.  These duplicate ballots were greater than the 10,000 ballot margin of victory given to Biden in the state.

TRENDING: Exclusive: Pattern Identified in Arizona Audit Mirrors Michigan Scandal Revealed in DetroitLeaks Tapes on Provisional Ballots

Next was Cyber Ninja’s Doug Logan.  He shared much of what was released in a leak the night before.

His team identified more than 57,000 ballots with issues that never should have been included in the state’s certified results, but they were.

Below is a draft of the report provided before the audit presentation.  This report shows:

In the 2020 presidential election, the margin of victory was only 10,457 votes, a small fraction of the 57,734 ballots with known issues. Again, this is almost 6 times the margin of victory in the Presidential race and is multiples of the margin of victory in other races. Based on these factual findings, the election should not be certified, and the reported results are not reliable.

Here is the page from the summary report — 57,734 votes with known issues and should not have been counted and should have been addressed.

(Note that in the final report provided after the presentation, it excludes the above statement although it appears to include the same total number of issues.)

Here is a copy of the full report obtained before the presenation.

ExecutiveSummary VersionFinal 092421 Draft by Jim Hoft on Scribd

Combined, between the duplicates identified by Dr. Shiva and the issues identified by Mr. Logan, there were more than 70,000 ballots with issues included in Arizona’s certified results.  This is seven times the margin of victory certified for Joe Biden.

The third presenter was the best.  Ben Cotton discussed IT and Cybersecurity issues.  He noted numerous items have still not been provided to his team despite subpoenas being provided to the County months ago.

Cotton also identified numerous items that were deleted or missing from the information provided to his team.  The highlight of the presentations was when Cotton noted that his team identified the individuals who deleted items requested and that he has provided their names to authorities in the state.  The audience cheered when he said this.

Overall there was justification for the audit and support for the fact the current results in Arizona should never have been certified.  It is clear President Trump carried the state no matter what the corrupt media says.