World Of Islam Or World Of Peace? You Can Not Have Both…

 Ron Paul made a statement the other day that deserves attention. The Senator told Fox News there is such a thing as “civilized Islam.” If the world were to convert to Islam would we live in a peaceful society. Men would have the right to rape women because women are less valued than men. Women who are raped will need four men to testify in a court of law. Women who are raped by three men or less are screwed literally. Men would be allowed to beat their wives because the Quran allows it. Pedophiles could force little girls to marry them because sex with a child turned Muhammad on. The Prophet Muhammad is their idol and his favorite bride was a six-year-old child.
I challenge anyone to research the Quran which I have found to be the book of Satan. Women in Washington would no longer write the law because that job is only for a man. In the eyes of Islam all women belong in the kitchen cooking meals for their men. Islam will never work in America for many reasons. In America we love women as partners not tools. Our children are loved with a hug not sex. Muhammad was a pedophile who lived and died by the sword. Obama has mentioned this Holy Quran with a smile on his face. He can take that book and join Muhammad in the pits of hell. Tell him the hijackers of 9-11 can use him as their 72nd virgin. If Islam is the “religion of peace” I will never seek peace. God bless each and everyone of you… Semper Fi, Shep