Is the Obama administration taking gun control advice from comedian Chris Rock?
“I think all bullets should cost $5,000,” Rock quipped back in 1999.  “If a bullet cost $5,000 there would be no more innocent bystanders.”
Just this month, Rock was on Capitol Hill calling Obama “our boss,” and the “Dad of our country.”
Since the Sandy Hook massacre, the price of ammo has actually doubled – costing anywhere between 60 cents and one dollar per round.
Tactical Firearm's Jeremy Alcede says yes there is a shortage which drives up price, but who's really causing it?
The actual tips, the primers, the brass, all the components are really hard to get because the federal government is buying it all up, then the civilians are buying the rest,” Alcede tells KTRH News.
“If they can't control guns, then they control the ammo,” Alcede says of the government.  “That's an easy way to get their agenda across.”
The shortage and rising cost of ammo has gotten so bad, some pawn shops are now offering 'cash for bullets' to resell the ammo.
“I constantly here there is a shortage, people are selling out at the all the gun shops, stores and everywhere,” says Oklahoma pawn shop owner Chelsey Davis.  “I hope to remedy that by creating an exchange place for it.”
Davis says he purchased roughly ten-thousand bullets in the first three days.
“These are people that had them in the garage, in the closet,” he says.  “They either no longer had the guns or no longer had use for them.”