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MC Sheriff's Deputies' overreaction to "Banana Man" makes Mesa County the laughing stock of the whole world | Mesa County Committee of Correspondence

MC Sheriff's Deputies' overreaction to "Banana Man" makes Mesa County the laughing stock of the whole world | Mesa County Committee of Correspondence

MC Sheriff's Deputies' overreaction to "Banana Man" makes Mesa County the laughing stock of the whole world

By John Wilkenson
The original story, written by Daily Sentinel reporter, Charles Ashby, was first published in the Daily Sentinel on Monday, November 24, 2014 under the title, "Man tells deputies aiming a banana was stunt; he’s jailed, anyway". The story has gone viral, including being linked by Drudge, and much of the cyberspace community seems to take great pleasure in making fun of the Colorado's "stupid pussy cops" who apparently can't tell the difference between a banana and a gun and are calling Nathan Channing "Banana Man". The polls I've seen indicate a majority of the public believe charges of felony menacing are a gross overreaction to the factual reality of the case. In my opinion, this typical police-state situation is far more lawless and sinister than it appears at first glance. Let's look at it.
In my opinion, the charge of "felony menacing" (a class 5 felony) is a deliberately false charge designed -- under the legal profession's smarmy "let's make a deal" plea-bargaining procedures -- to coerce the accused person into pleading guilty to just plain old menacing which is a class 3 misdemeanor. For all the cops-are-right-no-matter-what folks out there, I'm going to present and analyze the specific Colorado statutes and court decisions involved so you can judge for yourself whether or not the Mesa County's Sheriff's Department and District Attorney are doing an honest journeyman's job, or following a more sinister police-state agenda designed to see how much tyranny the general citizenry will tolerate at this particular point in time.
(DISCLAIMER: Needless to say, the information presented here is public information. In fact, the legal maxim is "ignorantia legis neminem excusat" -- of which any prosecutor will snarkily inform you should you ever become a defendant -- so this information and my analysis are in NO WAY whatsoever, whether directly or indirectly, to be construed as "legal advice" and/or "unauthorized practice" of law. It is SOLELY 100% pure, unadulterated, 1st-Amendment-protected political speech designed to inform and educate the public as to the nature and quality (or lack thereof) of the "service" being done by our public so-called "servants".)
C.R.S.§18-3-206. Menacing
In pertinent part, C.R.S. 18-3-206 says:
"(1) A person commits the crime of menacing if, by any threat or physical action, he or she knowingly places or attempts to place another person in fear of imminent serious bodily injury. Menacing is a class 3 misdemeanor, but, it is a class 5 felony if committed:
(a) By the use of a deadly weapon or any article used or fashioned in a manner to cause a person to reasonably believe that the article is a deadly weapon; or
(b) By the person representing verbally or otherwise that he or she is armed with a deadly weapon."
Since a banana is being (in my opinion) fraudulently presented as a "deadly weapon" under the published-as-alleged facts of this case, we need to understand what constitutes a "deadly weapon" under Colorado law.
C.R.S.§18-1-901. Definitions
In pertinent part, C.R.S. §18-1-901 says:
"(1) Definitions set forth in any section of this title apply wherever the same term is used in the same sense in another section of this title unless the definition is specifically limited or the context indicates that it is inapplicable....
(e) 'Deadly weapon' means:
(I) A firearm, whether loaded or unloaded; or
(II) A knife, bludgeon, or any other weapon, device, instrument, material, or substance, whether animate or inanimate, that, in the manner it is used or intended to be used, is capable of producing death or serious bodily injury.
(III) and (IV) (Deleted by amendment, L. 2013.)"
Clearly, pursuant to C.R.S. §18-1-901(1)(e)(I) & (II), a banana cannot rationally be said to be a "deadly weapon". Right there, that reduces any possible charge of menacing to a Class 3 Misdemeanor. So why the talk of two fraudulent (in my opinion) Class 5 felony counts?
Now, because some of the more shamanistic members of the so-called "justice" system -- (you know the ones I mean, the type who pretend they can't tell you where the law library is located because they are not lawyers and can't give you "legal advice") -- love to say "we don't go by the statutes, we go by the case law" (the term "case law" means court decisions which interpret the statute/s at issue), we need to look at some relevant and explanatory Colorado appellate-level decisions to see exactly what "felony menacing" is, and whether a ripe yellow banana can constitute a "deadly weapon" under any rational legally valid reasoning.
Felony menacing is a specific intent crime. People v. Lundborg, 39 Colo. App. 498, 570 P.2d 1303 (1977). See also People v. Cornelison, Colo., 559 P.2d 1102 (1977)
The actus reus of felony menacing is "placing another person in fear of imminent serious bodily injury by the use of a deadly weapon", an act more specific than the actus reus of disorderly conduct with a deadly weapon, which is displaying a deadly weapon in an alarming manner in a public place. Therefore, it does not violate the equal protection clause of article II, section 25, of the Colorado constitution to subject defendants to potential criminal liability under both statutes. People v. Torres, 848 P.2d 911 (Colo. 1993).
Failure to instruct jury on "imminent" element was harmless error where prosecutor argued fear was imminent and defense did not challenge whether fear was imminent. Evidence clearly showed fear was imminent. People v. Geisendorfer, 991 P.2d 308 (Colo. App. 1999).
An essential element of the offense is a specific intent to cause fear. People v. Stout, 193 Colo. 466, 568 P.2d 52 (1977).
The specific intent of the defendant to cause fear is the gravamen of the offense of felony menacing. People v. McPherson, 200 Colo. 429, 619 P.2d 38 (1980).
Menacing is a general intent crime requiring only that the defendant be aware that the defendant's conduct is practically certain to cause the result. People v. Zieg, 841 P.2d 342 (Colo. App. 1992); People v. Segura, 923 P.2d 266 (Colo. App. 1995); People v. District Ct., 17th Jud. Dist., 926 P.2d 567 (Colo. 1996); People v. Saltray, 969 P.2d 729 (Colo. App. 1998); People v. Shawn, 107 P.3d 1033 (Colo. App. 2004).
Actual subjective fear on the part of the victim is not a necessary element of this crime. People v. Stout, 193 Colo. 466, 568 P.2d 52 (1977); People v. Williams, 827 P.2d 612 (Colo. App. 1992); People v. District Ct., 17th Jud. Dist., 926 P.2d 567 (Colo. 1996).
Rather, it is only necessary that the defendant be aware that his conduct is practically certain to cause fear. People v. District Ct., 17th Jud. Dist., 926 P.2d 567 (Colo. 1996); United States v. Blackwell, 323 F.3d 1256 (10th Cir. 2003).
Intoxication as defense. If at the time of the incident in question, felony menacing was a specific intent crime, intoxication is available as a defense to negate the requisite specific intent. People v. Sandoval, 42 Colo. App. 503, 596 P.2d 1225 (1979).
Felony menacing is a crime of violence for purposes of the United States sentencing guidelines. United States v. Armijo, 651 F.3d 1226 (10th Cir. 2011).
Applied in Miller v. District Court, 193l Colo. 404, 566 P.2d 1063 (1977); Jones v. District Court, 196 Colo. 1, 584 P.2d 81 (1978); People v. Chavez, 629 P.2d 1040 (Colo. 1981); People v. Lichtenstein, 630 P.2d 70 (Colo. 1981); People v. Francis, 630 P.2d 82 (Colo. 1981); People v. Trujillo, 631 P.2d 146 (Colo. 1981); People v. Jones, 631 P.2d 1132 (Colo. 1981); People v. Martinez, 634 P.2d 26 (Colo. 1981); People v. Stoppel, 637 P.2d 384 (Colo. 1981); People v. Mack, 638 P.2d 257 (Colo. 1981); People v. Sanchez, 649 P.2d 1049 (Colo. 1982); People v. Brassfield, 652 P.2d 588 (Colo. 1982); People v. Ferguson, 653 P.2d 725 (Colo. 1982); Watkins v. People, 655 P.2d 834 (Colo. 1982); People v. Dillon, 655 P.2d 841 (Colo. 1982); People v. Shearer, 650 P.2d 1293 (Colo. App. 1982); People v. Bridges, 662 P.2d 161 (Colo. 1983); People v. Jones, 140 P.3d 325 (Colo. App. 2006).
Overcharging", by Kyle Graham - Moritz College of Law, Ohio State University
Overcharging", by Kyle Graham - Santa Clara Law Digital Commons, Santa Clara University School of Law
Arbitrary Justice: The Power of the American Prosecutor
Taming The System: The Control of Discretion in Criminal Justice, 1950-1990, by Samuel Walker Professor of Criminal Justice University of Nebraska at Omaha
Our criminal justice system has become a crime: Column - USA Today
How Can Overcharging Be Ethical?, by Jacob Sullum
How to Deal With Prosecutors Overcharging, by Ed Brayton
The Unchecked Charging Power of the Prosecutor", by Radley Balko - Huffington Post
Upon examination of the relevant law, I fail to see how, under any possible legal theory or stretch of imagination, a ripe yellow banana, under the facts of this case as published by the Daily Sentinel, could be construed as a "deadly weapon" pursuant to C.R.S. §18-1-901(1)(e)(I) & (II). What that means is that felony menacing as contemplated by C.R.S. 18-3-206(1)(a) and/or (b) is legally impossible, and, therefore constitutes unethical overcharging. In my view, it is obvious that the strategy behind the overcharging -- (see the articles on routine prosecutorial overcharging linked above) -- is to get the accused to plead guilty of committing Class 3 Misdemeanor menacing. I have a problem with the unethical systemic "let's make a deal" prosecutorial philosophy which is adequately set forth in the above linked articles.
I see only four main points in the "Banana Man" case: 1) Did Channing intend -- in legalese that's called "mens rea" which, according to relevant Colorado case law cited above is an indispensable part of a felony charge -- for the deputies to fear for their lives? 2) Is it reasonable to presume that Channing knew or should have known that pointing a banana at cops would cause them to "imminently fear bodily harm" just because they weren't paying a professional level of attention to their surroundings? The corollary to those questions is: 3) is it "reasonable" -- (that's a recognizable legal standard) -- for any person, let alone a professionally trained and armed law enforcement officer, to believe he was in "imminent danger of bodily harm" just because somebody pointed a ripe yellow banana at him? Those would appear to be questions of fact for a jury to decide if this farce (in my opinion) goes that far. It is my opinion that it is not objectively "reasonable" for any person to fear for his life just because a ripe yellow banana was pointed at him. On this point, I believe the deputies are strategically lying to fit what they think is legal language which would most strongly support a conviction.
The facts of any given case determine what law applies to that case, see "Courts on Trial: Myth and Reality in American Justice", by Jerome Frank. It's just as bad to apply the wrong law to the right facts as it is to apply the right law to the wrong facts. Injustice inevitably results. Experienced professional law officers are well aware of these legal mechanics, which is why they very often have motive to lie.
Under the interpretation of events most favorable to the deputies, I suspect the deputies were not paying a professional level of attention to what was going on around them (as they should have been), and just knew out of the corner of an eye that somebody had made some kind of strange impertinent gesture in their direction which they were offended by and not going to tolerate. Maybe they were irritated and embarrassed at being startled, but I seriously doubt they were truthfully in fear of their lives at any time. It is ironic that they should try to use their training as justification for their fear, when the opposite should be true. If they actually were "frightened" by a ripe yellow banana, there is something very, VERY seriously wrong and blatantly anti-constitutional with their training (which I will get to in a moment).
Let's be crystal clear on one point: cops routinely lie to support the charges they want to make. It's called "testilying". Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz testified before Congress about testilying, and wrote about it in his book, "The Best Defense". See also "Controlling the Cops; Accomplices To Perjury". The strategic purpose of so-called "testilying" is to turn a constitutionally invalid inarticulable hunch, whim, attitude, prejudice, inclination, judgment, intuition, etc., into a constitutionally valid articulable "reasonable suspicion" or "probable cause". Virtually all cops will lie about threshhold probably cause, because 1) they have been trained to, and 2) if they don't, they don't have a constitutionally valid case. That doesn't work for them, so they lie.
Virtually all prosecutors will lie about having coached cops how to walk the fine line without getting caught when crossing it. Virtually all judges will pretend that all prosecutors and cops are honorable and aboveboard when dealing with the "dicey" subject of threshhold probable cause. Virtually all defense lawyers are afraid to upset this intellectually dishonest little apple cart too much for fear of being disbarred and deprived of their livelihood. I know this to be true from first hand private conversations I have had with lawyer friends who shall remain anonymous so they don't have to be forced into a position of having to deny what they told me in confidence.
The reason overcharging doesn't work for me is because there is self-evidently no constitutionally valid 4th Amendment probable cause for the excessive charge which is being used to manipulate a "perp" into guilty plea on a lesser charge. Most professional prosecutors would probably disagree with me based on the "lesser of two evils" doctrine. In other words, most prosecutors believe the general public is too stupid to want to pay enough taxes for prosecutors to have big enough budgets to do a constitutionally perfect job of taking criminals off the streets. So they believe they are morally correct to resort to unconstitutional plea extortion as a viable alternative to letting dangerous criminals walk the streets. In the "Banana Man" case, however, the reality is that most people would not believe pointing an unpoisoned ripe yellow banana at another person, whether cop or civilian, constitutes a serious felony-level crime. So the prosecution is not really making a forced pragmatic choice between the lesser of two evils, but simply unconstitutionally enabling a couple of deputies to vent their spleen at a person who offended their delicate (in my opinion) pro-police-state sensibilities.
To the cops-are-always-right-no-matter-what crowd, I can only say: please don't shoot the messenger, just try to learn something about the mechanics of the American "justice" system. You never know when you might be glad you did.
As I said, in the "Banana man" case, I don't believe that the deputies are telling the truth about being in "imminent fear of their lives'. I believe that is a cutesy manipulation which parrots the legal (statutory and/or case law) language they believe might sustain a conviction. But it doesn't matter what I believe. Nor does it matter what the deputies SAY they "felt" or "believed". Because relevant case law says whether or not the deputies were actually scared/frightened is not a necessary element of the alleged crime of felony menacing. The INTENT of the accused is what is most relevant.
What really matters is the REAL question of 4) law as to whether or not the deputies' alleged "feelings" ("imminent fear of bodily harm") can lawfully change the statutory definition of the term "deadly weapon", because that's obviously what the deputies want a prosecutor, a jury and the public -- (via their carefully chosen faux "smooth" public-relations comments to the MSM) -- to believe. In other words, because the deputies SAY -- (again, I believe they are most likely strategically lying) -- they felt they were in "imminent danger", ipse dixit, a ripe yellow banana gets automatically magically (and very UNreasonably) turned into a "deadly weapon" so a Class 5 felony charge can have a good enough possibility of sticking that the accused will successfully be intimidated into pleading guilty to a Class 3 misdemeanor instead. That doesn't work for me. As a matter of personal 1st-Amendment-protected political philosophy, I don't want our public so-called "servants" to be behaving that way.
A large part of the problem is the gross Constitution-101 and Rule-of-Law ignorance of the 70% of the duopoly lemmings who fall for the phony Hegelian "left v right" delusion and vote for the GOP/DEM duopoly candidates. (I say that as a registered Republican.) Perhaps the most egregious classical example of this society-wide ignorance is all the combatively forceful/assertive opinions as to the guilt or innocence of O.J. Simpson under circumstances where the holder of the combatively "certain" opinion was without the remotest shred of first hand knowledge or fact. In my opinion, that's just plain old-fashioned intellectual laziness and false-pride-filled stupidity. But it does illustrate the basic problem.
Most of society's 70% ignorant lemmings don't care anything whatsoever about inconvenient little things like truth, justice, due process of law, the rules of evidence, or presumption of innocence. And they will all cheerfully lie about that fact. They just want the bad guys to "get theirs", and they believe the cops are sincerely trying to accomplish that simplistic goal. In an extreme case where some pervert sodomizes a little six-year-old girl and then tortures her to death, the general public couldn't care less about so-called "technicalities". They just decide -- based on strategic law enforcement leaks and manipulative MSM reporting (including any pictures which make the suspect look as unsympathetic as possible) -- whether or not they "like" the accused person. Sad to say, once the self-righteous lemming mob decides they don't like an accused person, all the nasty little "inconveniences" like truth, justice, substantive due process of law, procedural due process of law, the rules of evidence, and presumption of innocence, go right out the window. The ignorant lemming mob just want the blood (and suffering, if possible) of the accused "perp".
The problem with that intellectually uncurious, undisciplined, self-indulgent, self-absorbed, self-righteous and arrogant world view it that society's very best chance at freeing the actually innocent and punishing the actually guilty is for all those "inconvenient" little constitutional safeguards such as truth, justice, substantive due process of law, procedural due process of law, the rules of evidence, and presumption of innocence to be scrupulously followed as closely as humanly possible. It's the only way we have of knowing the truth and rendering justice. The immoral alternative is to facilitate and enable error and injustice. And that is a thing which must of necessity be anathema to any decent, intellectually honest, and kind-hearted person.
Let's return to the subject of anti-constitution primacy-of-the-police-state obey-or-die "law" enforcement training.
Government doesn't work the way the 70% duopoly lemmings and their duopoly "Good Old Boy" manipulators believe. Government lying is pandemic, as illustrated by such "false flag" psyops as 9/11, the unvetted OKenyan usurpation, JFK, RFK, MLK, TWA800, OKC, Battleship Maine, Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin, Iraq War, Waco, Ruby Ridge, Ferguson, Boston Marathon, Sandy Hook, Aurora, ad infinitum.
The world is de facto owned and controlled by an oligarchical transnational cabal of psychopathic debt-as-money central banksters. The government-by-secret "national security" apparatuses and agencies de facto function as the debt-as-money oligarchs' Mafia-like private goon squad. The rules of engagement for the oligarchs' control over, and subjugation of, society has its most identifiable roots in the so-called Phoenix Program initiated by the CIA and filtered down to local law enforcement agencies by the Justice Department. The Hegelian divide-and-conquer strategy is designed to facilitate a "we versus they" culture in law enforcement and encourage law enforcement to view the general citizenry, especially those pro-self-ownership, pro-constitution "teaparty" types who might be resistant to the blatantly anti-constitution "obey or die" policy, as "domestic terrorists".
The elephant in the room is that, as an abstract political theory, sooner or later during the 200-500-year revolutionary cycles of humankind, American law enforcement personnel are going to have to choose between serving the oligarchs' usurped evil Power and the U.S. Constitution and the American people. That's a choice too many Power-serving, Oath-breaking law enforcement people don't want to talk or even think about. So they continue killing innocent people and pets in wrong-address no-knock raids. They continue beating up, lying to, and generally trying to intimidate the American people per the Phoenix Program strategy. In response, "Cop-Block"-type organizations are springing up all over the country and more people are educating themselves, networking, and filming illegal cop behavior. Cops do not help their public-relations cause by pretending that merely pointing a ripe yellow banana constitutes a felony.
It is against that backdrop, and in the context of, anti-constitution "obey or die" knee-jerk Phoenix-Program-based police training which the facts of the "Banana man" case and the deputies' accusations must be juxtaposed if truth, justice, rule of law, and government transparency are to be understood and prevail.
(NOTE: Article 2, Section 10 of the Colorado Constitution says in pertinent part: “Freedom of speech and press…every person shall be free to speak, write or publish whatever he will on any subject, ... and in all suits and prosecutions of libel the truth thereof may be given in evidence, and the jury, under the direction of the court, shall determine the law and the fact.” See also the legal disclaimer for this website.)
Following are a few examples of public opinion around the world as gleaned from the talk strings of various articles on Grand Junction's now-famous "Banana Man" case.
"[The charges] are absolutely ridiculous. I mean, what's next, deadly assault with a burrito?"
“These police officers have an extreme fear of bananas, bananaphobia. These officers should seek professional help. The suspect should be released and charges dropped. The suspect would have no way of knowing these police officers suffer from bananaphobia.”
"Can't wait for the judge to roll his eyes at this cop. Hope he goes to trial because prosecution will be forced for a plea."
"First off, it seems a bit ridiculous to feel threatened by a banana. If anything I think his case could be covered by 'freedom of speech'. Second, how can you tell if a banana is being 'pointed' at you? Is the stem the trigger end, or the barrel end? Or is the side of it the dangerous part? Finally, it sounds like the cop is on LSD or something, seeing handguns in 'many shapes and colors'. What other crazy things has he been seeing? Hope the charges get dropped. Up next: 'Someone pointed a beach ball at me'."
"Oh brother!"
"Friggin' Awesome!"
"A felony? Really?"
"Nope, couldn’t disagree more. Yes it was a stupid thing to do, but a felony? You CAN’T seriously believe that is justice."
"Shakin meh freekin head. Mentally challenged police officers should not be allowed to posess weapons."
"Dumb cops, the banana wasn't even loaded."
"If these mommy's little helpers knee-jerk at a banana with half an erection, then these young boys with their costumes and paraphernalia, who in their own minds are bad-ass cool video characters, should not be allowed out of the sandbox."
"Funny, I fear for my life whenever is cop is near. I guess they are all guilty of felony menacing and I could therefore perform a citizens arrest on them? The police in Grand Junction are pussies. If you look up the crimes perpetrated by the cops in this small city it will amaze you. I live there."
"Just stay away from the police. They hold their precious power with much pride and know they have the backing of the entire government system no matter what they do. And they do no wrong, just ask them. Today's police force take themselves so seriously that they have become a laughing stock. A fatally dangerous laughing stock."
"What caliber was the banana? It was dumb on both sides."
"With Keystone Cops like these, no wonder this country is doomed."
(From London:)
"This is right out of a Monty Python skit. Deputy Bunch was lucky it wasn't a pointy stick."
"Bananas in "Fruitvale"?...who could have imagined it?....some coppers have too much time on their hands"
"I would be embarrassed if I were the cops involved."
"I think that is the very reason that they filed such ludicrous charges. They felt humiliated but there is no crime for that."
"The police should be charged with falsely filing a report."
"Evidently 'felony menacing' covers a lot of things. If it will cover pointing a banana at a cop, one can imagine that it would also cover giving a cop a dirty look."
"If you're gonna point anything at a cop, point a doughnut at the cop. He'll drool so much that he'll faint."
"Nathen Channing, your skin color has saved you otherwise you would have been dead for days. As laughable as the deputies' statement was, it goes to show the mindset of our police officers. If you decide to appeal, I bet the justice system will side with you because of, again, your skin color. If you had any other skin color, that bunch of banana might as well have been a loaded gun. See?"
Here are some important books, including a few censored books which tell a history the 1% establishment doesn’t want you to know because they help you understand the training police officers undergo which causes them to view the public as "domestic terrorists" to be subdued, intimidated and controlled for the financial benefit of the 1%.
The Phoenix Program, by Douglas Valentine - “Take heed, reader: Phoenix has come to define modern American warfare, as well as its internal “homeland security” apparatus. Indeed, it is with the Phoenix program, that we find the genesis of the para-militarization of American police forces, in their role as adjuncts to the military and police security forces engaged in population control and suppression of dissent.”
The Lords of Creation: The History of America’s 1%, by Frederick Lewis Allen
Blowback: America’s Recruitment of Nazis and Its Effects on the Cold War (1st Edition), by Christopher Simpson
The hidden history of the Korean War, 1950-1951 (A Nonconformist history of our times), by I.F. Stone
Underground To Palestine, by I.F. Stone
Dupont Dynasty: Behind the Nylon Curtain, by Gerard Colby

Man tells deputies aiming a banana was stunt; he’s jailed, anyway", by Charles Ashby - Daily Sentinel
Laughing all the way to jail", by the "Daily Sentinel" - Don't you just love it when writers use the monarchial/misdirectional "we" or "Daily Sentinel" instead of taking personal responsibility for their own words. I consider that type of manipulative ploy self-evidently and seriously hypocritical in view of the fact that some time ago the "Sentinel" unilaterally adopted a policy of publishing commentors' real names in an effort to encourage civility. How about the Sentinel editorial writers using their real names in an effort to encourage honesty and transparency in journalism? Hmmm?
Police Arrest Colorado Man For Pointing Banana At Deputy - WOWT
Man Faces Felony Charge for Pointing Banana at Cop - InfoWars
Colorado man arrested after pointing banana at officers like a gun - NY Daily News
Man arrested for pointing banana at deputies - USA Today
Self-proclaimed comedian arrested for pointing banana at cops - 9News
Man facing felony charge after pointing a BANANA at police (But will he appeal?) - Daily Mail
Man arrested for pointing banana at deputies near Grand Junction - Fox31 Denver
Man Faces Felony Charge for Pointing Banana at Cop -
Formal charges against “Banana Man” are still being determined - KKCO 11 News

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Man facing felony charge after pointing a BANANA at police (But will he appeal?) | Daily Mail Online

Man facing felony charge after pointing a BANANA at police (But will he appeal?) | Daily Mail Online

Man facing felony charge after pointing a BANANA at police (But will he appeal?)

  • Nathen Channing, 27, arrested for pointing a banana at two deputies
  • Sheriff's deputies 'feared for their lives' even thought object was yellow 
  • Funnyman Channing arrested on two counts of felony menacing
  • If convicted he could face up to three years in jail and a $100,00 fine
Wrong crowd: Nathen Channing, 27, face felony charges after pointing a banana at two deputies
Wrong crowd: Nathen Channing, 27, face felony charges after pointing a banana at two deputies
A man is facing felony menacing charges after pointing a banana at two police officers.
Nathen Channing, 27, of Fruitvale, Colorado, was arrested Sunday after two sheriff's deputies believed the yellow fruit aimed in their direction was a gun.
Mesa County deputies Joshua Bunch and Donald Love said they 'feared for their lives' even though they saw that the object was yellow.
Mr Channing was arrested on two counts of felony menacing.
If convicted, he could face one to three years in prison and a fine of between $1,000 and $100,000.  
Deputy Bunch had been driving in Mesa County when he noticed Mr Channing on the sidewalk, an arrest affidavit states.
He says he saw Mr Channing 'reach into the left side of his coat and pull out a yellow object, pointing it into the air then in my direction as I approached him,'Fox 31 Denver reports.
Deputy Bunch sped off, believing Mr Channing to have drawn a weapon, and radioed his fellow deputy, who was driving behind him, to warn him. 
Returning to the scene, Bunch says he saw Love approach Mr Channing as he pointed the same object at him. 
According to the arrest affidavit written by Deputy Bunch, Deputy Love 'observed what appeared to be a yellow tube with a black center'.
'Deputy Love stated he was in fear for his life at this point and was in the process of pulling out his handgun when Nathen yelled, "It's a banana!",' Bunch wrote.
Deputy Bunch added that he also believed the banana to be a handgun 'based on training and experience'. 
The deputies say Channing told them he was doing a trial run for a planned YouTube video and he thought it would 'lighten the holiday spirit.'  
Lethal weapon: According to an arrest affidavit, the sheriff's  deputies 'feared for their lives even though they saw that the object was yellow'
Lethal weapon: According to an arrest affidavit, the sheriff's deputies 'feared for their lives even though they saw that the object was yellow'

The Cold Truth Initiative

The Cold Truth Initiative

Scientist Confesses: "Global Warming a $22 Billion Scam"

Monday, 17 Nov 2014 01:20 PM

Imagine, for a moment, sitting at a prestigious steakhouse in Palm Beach, Florida, a hot spot for some of the most wealthy and famous — Donald Trump, Tiger Woods, Oprah Winfrey, James Patterson, Rush Limbaugh, and hundreds more.
And, imagine dining with a handful of men you’ve only read about. Some of them are worth millions, others published best-selling books, and some have held prominent positions at the White House.
In essence, you’re sitting at a five-person table of VIPs.
You’re about to take a bite of your New York strip when one of the men, a top U.S. intelligence agent, slams a 164-page document in the middle of the table.
This document, you soon find out, contains damning evidence that a network of politicians, corporations, and scientists have conspired together to promote the fear of “global warming” . . . despite evidence clearly stating no such “global warming” exists.
The motive: $22 billion per year.
To be clear . . . that’s $22 billion of taxpayers’ money . . . the amount that our government pays to stop the “global warming” epidemic.
That comes out to $41,856 every minute.
Or, to put it in perspective, that is twice as much as what our government spends on securing our borders.
Then, imagine this top U.S. intelligence agent turning to you, and asking for you to join him on a mission to out those involved in the “global warming” lie.
Doing so would cost a lot of money, a lot of time, and could cost you your reputation. But, pretending you never saw the document, and carrying on with your life, would allow the scandal to continue and actually put lives at risk.
So, imagine if you were at that table, and the scenario I just described happened to you.
How Would You Respond?

My name is Tom Luongo. I am a former scientist with the University of Florida and currently run the Resolute Wealth Letter program.
My name is Tom Luongo, and I’ve recently had this exact experience.
In the following few pages, I am going to show you the alarming research in the document that was laid before me that night in Palm Beach.
I will tell you why this network of politicians, corporations, and scientists tried to hide this research . . . and how you can be part of a newly formed initiative with the aim of getting this research into the hands of every American.
This research proves, once and for all, that “global warming” is a sham . . . a sham perpetuated by a network of dirty government officials, greedy corporations, and bought-off “scientific” organizations.
How you respond will be up to you.
I can guarantee you one thing: After reading the next few pages, you will never look at government officials the same way . . . you will never trust what you hear in the media again . . . in fact, you will become skeptical of any and all authority figures going forward.
It’s unfortunate, but the betrayal you’re going to discover today runs very deep, and revealing the truth about “global warming” comes with great risk.
As a scientist for over 20 years, I’ve always upheld the truth.
I’ve worked with the University of Florida to do some amazing things . . . I’ve helped make crop yields more productive for third world countries . . . I helped create an intermetallic coating for gun barrels that dropped maintenance requirements on firearms by half . . . and I’ve helped cure diseases.
I have seen a lot of research go across my desk. But none of it can compare to the 164-page document that landed in front of me that night in Palm Beach.
That’s why I’m going to lay the facts from this document before you today, and then I’m going to ask that you join me, and the man who composed this document, on our mission to defund the “global warming” sham . . .
All it will take is a click of your mouse.
With one click, you’re going to put more momentum behind what I hope to be the largest effort . . . ever . . . to annihilate the “global warming” lie and defund the government’s multibillion-dollar spending frenzy to keep it alive.
Now, before we begin, I ask that you excuse any “rough” elements in this letter. What I’m sharing with you today is so urgent that I’ve made a huge effort to get the research in this 164-page document available to you as quickly as possible . . .
With President Obama’s recent speech about getting tougher on “global warming” issues I think it’s critical that we don’t waste a minute in getting this information out.
The sooner we get this information into the hands of the public . . . your hands . . . the more informed voters will be when they cast their ballots.
First, you should know who put this document in my hands — a man whom Al Gore is personally attacking . . .
His Name Is John Casey.

John Casey is a former White House space program advisor, consultant to NASA Headquarters, and space shuttle engineer. He is now one of America’s most successful climate change researchers and climate prediction experts.
John is a former White House space program adviser, consultant to NASA headquarters, and space shuttle engineer. He is now one of America’s most successful climate change researchers and climate prediction experts.
In short, John is the very definition of a government insider. He spent 35 years conducting classified research, examining confidential documents, and directing critical scientific programs.
For example: In 1986, when the space shuttle Challenger tragically exploded, killing seven crew members, John testified before Congress on the cause of the accident. After the testimony, Congress instructed NASA headquarters to bring John in to chair a special internal investigation into why these critical systems failed.
Now, keep that in mind for a moment: Capitol Hill and NASA trusted John’s detailed analytical approach and his engineering credentials so much they asked him to investigate the cause of one of our nation’s greatest tragedies.
After 35 years of serving his country, John quietly retired in Florida. He planned on living peacefully, spending time with his wife, children, and grandkids.

When the space shuttle Challenger crashed in 1986, the U.S. government asked John Casey to investigate.
But on one April afternoon in 2007, John made an “unfortunate” discovery that changed everything.
The discovery would ultimately lead him to abandon his plans for retirement in order to support a cause that was bigger than himself . . . that was bigger than anything he had done in his 35-year career.
In fact, this discovery would result in him becoming hated by all those who once heralded him as their friend and adviser.
After this outright rejection, John realized that despite his science not changing, despite the thousands of pages of irrefutable data, and despite millions of lives at risk . . . he was alone.
The responsibility of letting the world know about this discovery rested solely on his shoulders, and those who would listen to him.
Indeed, what he has to say goes contrary to everything you have been told about “climate change.”
I initially rejected what John had to tell me. But when he showed me what was in his 164-page document, I couldn’t argue with him.
Facts are facts.
What John discovered that fateful afternoon was . . .
'Global Warming' Is an Outright Sham
You see, John found evidence — buried right in the government’s own environmental studies — that destroys their argument for “global warming.”
Using their own data, John has proven, once and for all, “global warming” is a sham. And perhaps the most expensive — and lethal — sham in American history.
A sham that our government spends $22 billion a year financing. Think about that: our government spends $22 billion a year financing “global warming” initiatives.
Again, that’s almost double what the government spends on securing our borders.
Or, to break it down to real numbers . . .
That's $41,856 Every Minute!
But this is just the tip of the iceberg.
John’s research also uncovered a different looming cataclysm that will ruin every nation that’s not prepared . . . a calamity that has been accelerating for the last 17 years . . . and brewing for over 200 years.
This impending catastrophe is as natural as the sun rising in the east and setting in the west. And just as unstoppable.
I’m talking about a tectonic shift in the world’s economies that will . . .
  • Send oil to over $300 a barrel
  • Cause food prices to triple and in some places make food completely unavailable
  • Lead to violence erupting in the streets of your suburban neighborhood
  • Cause governments to topple, nations to descend into chaos, and international wars to break out.
In the 164-page document John handed me, he went to great lengths to explain exactly how serious this crisis will be. It’s going to be worsened by the fact our politicians are bullheadedly ignoring it.
The result will be every American being blindsided . . . unable to see it coming because of Al Gore and his cronies preaching false dogma.
As I said before, I didn’t believe it either until I saw the evidence in John’s dossier. And even then, it took me hours of talking to John afterward to digest it.
John’s research has now been corroborated by 17 independent scientific individuals and organizations. These are some of the top scientific minds in the field of climate science . . . in the world.
But That Hasn't Stopped the Hostile Attacks...
When John retired, he had many allies and supporters in the government.
However, when he turned that same analytical approach Washington loved so much on Washington itself . . .
He became, in essence, their “public enemy No. 1.”
Let me explain.
As mentioned, in April of 2007, already into a comfortable retirement, John began examining some solar and environmental physics research (these are his hobbies).
The “unfortunate” discovery he made would make any honest American sick to the stomach. John immediately took the evidence and called his colleagues and fellow government insiders to alert them to the situation.
He even sent notices to the White House warning them of the crisis.
The response?
Silence, and then rejection.
And every year since, John has continued to notify every state governor, every U.S. senator, the House of Representatives, state attorneys general, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Obama’s Science Adviser Dr. John Holdren, and Dr. Jane Lubchenco, then head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
You see, all of John’s “friends” suddenly “forgot” his name and number when he revealed the inconvenient truth about Uncle Sam’s most expensive sacred cow . . . and showed them solid, scientifically sound research that obliterates the idea of “global warming.”
At the Heart of John's Discovery Were Several Blatant Lies... Here Are 3 of Them
*Lie No.1: The World Is Getting Hotter . . .FAST!
You’ve heard how the earth is rapidly heating up . . . causing drought and mayhem.
For sure, the media jumps on the “global warming” story every time there is a heat wave and each time a hurricane hits the East Coast.
But how much has the world really warmed?
Well, according to NASA’s own data, the world has warmed .36 degrees Fahrenheit over the last 35 years (they started measuring the data in 1979).
I think you would agree that a .36 degree increase in temperature over the last 35 years is hardly anything to get in a panic about.
Granted, that does mean the world is warmer, right?
The problem with that argument is that we experienced the bulk of that warming between 1979 and 1998 . . . we’ve actually had temperatures DROPPING ever since!
Fact: We Haven't Seen Any 'Global Warming' for 17 Years!
The reality is this: The world is 1.08 degrees cooler than it was in 1998.
Just take a look at this chart from Remote Sensing Systems, which provides data to NASA, NOAA, and other scientific organizations.
If you’re like me, this makes a lot of sense.
We’ve had cooler summers and longer winters.
Again, take one more look at the chart above — global warming reversed its rise in 1998. In the dossier John handed me, he explains exactly why this happened . . . and what’s going to happen next.
But for now, just keep this fact in your back pocket: the case for “global warming” is dead in its tracks.
Lie No. 2: The Oceans Are Getting Warmer
“Global warming” proponents have said for a long time we’d see a heating of the oceans.
This proposition is necessary, since it means all those big chunks of ice are supposed to melt, killing off polar bears and causing states like Florida to get swallowed up by water.
In 2007, while accepting his Nobel Prize for his “global warming” initiative (and quietly pocketing millions of dollars), Al Gore made a striking prediction . . .
“The North Polar ice cap is falling off a cliff. It could be completely
      gone in summer in as little as seven years. Seven years from now.
Fact: The North Polar Ice Cap Is Increasing in Size!

The arctic ice caps have increased in size by 43% to 63%.
It is seven years later, and recent satellite images show that not only have the icecaps not melted . . . but they’ve expanded in size by 43% to 63%.
Here’s what a Globe and Mail article had to say: “An area twice the size of Alaska — America's biggest state — was open water two years ago and is now covered in ice.”
I think we know who’s using actual science, and who’s fear-mongering their way to wealth and fame.
Since 2002, the ocean temperatures have fluctuated less than 1 degree Fahrenheit. There is no warming.
Again, there is nothing to get hysterical about here.
Lie No. 3: Scientists Agree — Humans Are Causing ‘Global Warming’ FAST!
You’ve heard for years how climate change has been caused by . . . well, you!
Al Gore and his liberal friends have stood onstage blaming you and your “gas-guzzling” car, standard four‑bedroom house, and the factory downtown.

Al Gore spreads “Global Warming” propaganda for his own profit.
Shame on you, right?
Of course, the hypocrisy of the claim is that Al Gore himself racks up annual electric and gas bills of $30,000, more than 20 times the national average.
Now, while I am all for keeping the environment clean (I recycle, drive a fuel-efficient car, and reuse materials), humans have not caused “global warming” . . . nothing can be further from the truth.
Indeed, “global warming” alarmists and their allies in the liberal media are famous for saying that scientists agree that man has caused “global warming.”
President Obama even tweeted on May 16, 2014, “97% of scientists agree: climate change is real, man-made and dangerous.” John Kerry, Al Gore, and a host of others have championed this statistic.
Shame on Them, Because That 97% Figure Is Completely Fabricated.
NOTE: I’ve shared a quick snapshot of the facts in John’s controversial 164-page document. Truth be told, John has 33 scientifically reviewed reasons that “global warming” is more than just a farce . . . it’s the product of bad, botched science. In John’s own words, the research in this document is “something you have not been allowed to hear for almost 20 years.” That is, the truth about our climate, the politicians manipulating the science, and the real key that controls our planet’s temperature — the sun.
As The Wall Street Journal reported, “The assertion that 97% of scientists believe that climate change is a man-made, urgent problem is a fiction.”
When further review was done, it was discovered that a mere 1% of scientists believe human activity is causing most of the climate change.
In outrage, a petition was signed by more than 31,000 scientists that states “there is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of . . . carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse gases is causing or will, in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the Earth's atmosphere and disruption of the Earth's climate."
Indeed, even a founding father of the man-made “global warming” theory — Claude Allegre — recently came out and renounced his position by admitting, “The cause of this climate change is unknown.”
Fact: There Has Always Been, And Always Will Be Climate Change
The reality is simply this: The climate changes over time.
When Alexander the Great was conquering Persia, climate change was a big factor. And we all learned in high school that the “little ice age” that rocked Europe killed hundreds of thousands of people from the 1600s through the 1800s. Additionally, we know about the heat wave and drought that wiped out much of America during the 1930s. Thousands of people were dislocated in search of survival.
Were those events caused by man-made “global warming”?
Of course not.
And, the reality is, most scientists who advocate “global warming” today know mankind has nothing to do with climate change.
Remember: Temperatures have only risen .36 degrees since 1979 . . . and the bulk of that happened during the 1990s! We haven’t seen any warming for the last 17 years . . . in fact we have seen a drop in temperatures.
Now, the Question Is . . . What Does Cause Climate Change?
Well, think about it.
Every year, the temperatures rise and fall with spring, summer, fall, and winter. A year is simply a 365-day cycle.

The sun is 1.3 million times larger than the earth. When its temperature changes, our temperature changes.
Every day, the temperatures rise and fall with daytime and nighttime. A day is simply a 24-hour cycle.
These two cycles happen automatically. We can neither change them nor stop them any more than we can stop the Earth’s rotation. It’s impossible. The temperatures fluctuate based on these cycles.
So clearly, the Earth’s temperatures rise and fall based on its exposure to . . . the sun.
Well, here’s the breaking news. And you must pay close attention . . . because what I’m about to tell you has been deemed a “forbidden theme” in the scientific community.
Talking about it gets you a black mark at the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change or the World Meteorological Society.
You see, there are larger cycles of the sun . . . “solar cycles.”
This may not seem earthshattering, but solar cycles are — bar nonethe most devastating argument against man-made “global warming.”
Essentially, there are times when the sun gets hotter and times when it cools off as measured by “sunspots.” And John Casey found multiple solar cycles that determine the temperatures of the Earth.
The thing about these cycles is that they are predictable, and therefore it’s not difficult to see what is coming in the years ahead.
Indeed, if scientists were paying attention to these “solar cycles” years ago, they could have told you that the Earth would get warmer during the 1990s, and then it would cool . . . just like it has.
In fact, this climate cycle, along with several other cycles, has allowed John to make 11 accurate predictions about the Earth’s climate over the past few years, and it has allowed him to make a catastrophic prediction which I will share with you in a moment.
Ironically, as John released his data on these solar cycles, the ugly lie about man-made “global warming” started leaking out.
Evidence Leaked That the 'Global Warming' Faction Has Blatantly Lied.
You probably already knew somewhere deep inside that something wasn’t right about the “global warming” theory.
Sure, during the 1990s, we all noticed it getting warmer. But, to say that it is directly tied what humans are doing seemed to be a stretch, and, we have all noticed it getting a LOT cooler lately.
So it might not come as a surprise to say that “global warming” is a sham. But what does come as a surprise to many is the evidence of outright lying that is now leaking out of trustworthy scientific agencies.
Shortly after John exposed the truth about “global warming,” 1,000 emails and 2,000 documents from leading “global warming” scientists were found . . . revealing potential conspiracies, collusions, data manipulation, destruction of information, and even admission of flaws that were buried.
For example:
  • One leading scientist — Kevin Trenberth — admitted “The fact is that we can’t account for the lack of warming at the moment and it is a travesty we can’t.” A travesty simply because they were worried about losing their government funding.
  • In another email, Dr. Phil Jones — a leading “global warming” advocate at the United Nations — admitted that he used “Mike’s Nature trick” in a 1999 graph to “hide the decline” in temperature.
  • And another study done by Stephen Goddard at Real Science revealed just how ridiculous “climate scientists” can get with data manipulation. Here is what he had to say: The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has been “adjusting” its record by replacing real temperatures with data “fabricated” by computer models.”
There are several other documents just like these.
More recently, Professor Robert Stavins — who helped write the 2014 United Nations Climate Report — came out to Breitbart News . . . and revealed that politicians demanded he change and edit parts of the report to fit their needs!
In short, governments, and government-funded scientists, want to make sure that any “global warming” research published . . . will say exactly what they want it to say.
Now, everyone knows from their high school education that the No. 1 rule of doing scientific research is that it cannot be undertaken with an end goal in mind because you will only use the data points that support your end goal.
That’s not real science.
But that’s exactly what “global warming” scientists are doing! They are only using partial data . . . the data the supports their end goal . . . to make their point that there is man-made “global warming.”
So, we’re being told that the survival of our planet, of the human race, relies on tackling “global warming” . . . yet the whole thing is a sham.
But Why?
Why would this network of politicians, corporations, and scientists do such a thing?
Well, think about it.
Our federal government spends $22 billion on “global warming” research each and every year (twice as much as we spend on protecting our border!).
Again, that is $41,856 every minute.
If government-funded scientists came out and said “global warming” didn’t exist, their funding would be cut immediately.
But “global warming” has been kept on life support for another crucial reason: It has been a practical ATM for every in-the-know political figure.

The media is catching on to Al Gore’s lies, but he is not going down without a fight.
Al Gore, for example, has been one of the most vocally aggressive crusaders for “global warming.”
In 2001, before leaving office as vice president, Gore was worth less than $2 million. Since then, he has grown his wealth to $100 million . . . almost entirely by investing in a handful of “green-tech” companies . . . 14 of which received more than $2.5 billion in loans, grants, tax breaks, and more from the Obama administration.
The Telegraph reports Al Gore could become the “world’s first carbon billionaire” thanks to his investments in green companies . . . all of which benefit from tax dollars and government loans to “prevent global warming.”
And he’s not alone.
President Obama Has His Hand in the Cookie Jar Too.
You are likely familiar with the story of the failed Solyndra green energy initiative, which cost taxpayers $500 million; President Obama took a lot of flak for that.

After accepting $1.25 million in campaign contributions, President Obama made sure to include his “global warming” plans in his victory speech: “We want our children to live in an America that isn’t threatened by the destructive power of a warming planet.”
But here’s a little-known side of the Solyndra story I bet you haven’t heard: Obama, in essence, used taxpayer money to finance his re-election campaign . . . by funneling it through Solyndra.

You see, when Solyndra fell on hard times, it passed into the hands of two large private equity investors . . . Goldman Sachs and George Kaiser. When $500 million in taxpayer money was given to Solyndra, both Goldman Sachs and George Kaiser benefited. Coincidentally, both have made contributions to Obama’s election campaigns adding up to roughly $1.25 million.
It doesn’t stop there.
  • In 2010, another federal loan of $400 million went Abound Solar. That resulted in a bankruptcy as well. But investors in Abound Solar seemed to do just fine . . . investors like billionaire heiress Patricia Stryker. Stryker has famously contributed $500,000 to the Coalition for Progress while throwing $85,000 toward Obama’s inaugural committee. It’s just a coincidence that the government handed a company she invested in $400 million just before bankruptcy . . . right?
  • There’s also A123 Systems, which paid one lobbying firm $970,000 to secure money from the government — and received $279 million in federal assistance. The CEO of A123 Systems went on to fund multiple Democratic senators and contributed to Obama’s campaign.
  • First Solar received $646 million in government loan guarantees, and has since contributed more than $180,000 to Democratic campaigns.
  • GE is notorious for spending tens of millions of dollars a year to “buy” green energy credits for its wind turbines and other green technologies — credits which helped the firm pay ZERO taxes in 2011.
There are a host of other examples of liberals getting wealthy off “global warming” initiatives just like these.
You can see why green energy is such a profitable business — CEOs and executives get to rake in millions of dollars, while politicians get lucrative donations for their campaigns . . . and scientists get all the funding they need to keep them going . . . all on your dime.
But here’s the cherry on top . . .
While $22 billion of our money is being redistributed every year to greedy scientists, politicians, and corporations . . .
The Real Cost Is $1.75 Trillion
$22 billion is just what is spent on these “global warming” initiatives.
The reality is, these initiatives have ripple effects . . . mainly the regulations (from government agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency) that shackle free enterprise and force us to rely on foreign energy.
According to Forbes, the total cost of these ripple effects is a staggering $1.75 trillion annually.
I want you to really think about that for a moment.
We’re watching $1.75 trillion per year . . . $3,329,528 per minute . . . go to waste.
It’s worse when you note that the U.S. Energy Information Administration says these regulations could ultimately cause gasoline prices to rise 77% over baseline projections . . . send 3 million Americans to the welfare line . . . and reduce average household income by a whopping $4,000 each year.
Washington knows all of this . . . and is still barreling forward with its nonsense policies!
They’re just letting you foot the bill, while they pocket the benefits.
Fact is, organizations like the Environmental Protection Agency have handcuffed capitalism . . . based on a theory even its staunchest supporters (like the aforementioned Dr. Allegre) have already renounced.
The result: reduced business, higher energy and food costs, higher taxes, lost jobs, and more money going overseas.
With $1.75 trillion in annual costs, you would think someone out there would listen to John and his research, but . . .
They Mocked Him
When John discovered that the world was indeed cooling, he urgently shared his findings, only to get lambasted.
Al Gore himself specifically called John a “pseudo-scientist” and discarded his findings.
“Global warming” advocate Dr. Benjamin Kirtman simply dismissed John’s warnings as the “usual nonsense.”
Media Matters has published two personal attacks against John — saying he has “no background in climate science” (which isn’t true) and calling him a “scam artist.”
But think about something for a moment.
Why would John take on this mission to expose the truth about “global warming” if he didn’t fully know that his evidence was fact? Why would he risk his reputation, his retirement, and his way of life?
It would have been much easier to walk away.
But John isn’t the type to walk away from the truth . . . especially when it would put his family, country, and even the world at risk.
That is why John has taken on this mission, even if it means doing it alone.
It is why he has exhausted his savings and retirement funds to spread the word about his research through his organization, Space and Science Research Corporation (SSRC).
He will let nothing stop him.
After 7 Long Years of Fighting . . . HOPE!
John’s persistence is finally paying off.
A small movement is starting . . . one that I am proud to be a part of, and one that I will invite you to join in a moment.
Helping fuel this movement has been the series of cold winters and cool summers that John predicted would come. The media no longer could ignore the irony in front of them. Here is what they have reported recently.
And now, a small but distinguished group of scientists and researchers are publically aligning themselves with John Casey and his organization.
One such organization recently named John . . .
'America's No. 1 Climate Forecaster'
Perhaps that is because unlike some of the “global warming” darlings and proponents — NOAA, NASA, and the IPCC — John’s research has consistently predicted weather patterns correctly.

John has spoken at conferences across the United States . . . making 11 accurate predictions.
Since he first began sharing this work in 2007, John’s 11 predictions have come true (mind you, these are MAJOR events, not predicting that tomorrow will be slightly cloudy with a chance of rain).
I could walk you through all 11, but they are very extensive and heavy on the science. John has accurately predicted everything from a drop in solar activity (NASA later adjusted their own projections to fall in line with his) to a rise in historic earthquake activity (10 months before the earthquake that hit Japan and caused the Fukushima meltdown).
Please know, all 11 of his predictions of have been verified — by myself and other third parties. All of them have been attacked by government-funded scientists, only for those same scientists to eat their words later.
Each and every one of John’s predictions have been made publicly and shared with top government officials and the mainstream media for the last seven years.
John has made every effort to share this information. But instead of listening, the media and the left treated him like a leper and have done their best to smear his name.
Science and politics have worked this way for hundreds of years.
Galileo was ridiculed by scientists invested in the idea the sun revolves around the Earth.
Robert Goddard — the man who ushered in the Space Age and rocket ships — was ridiculed endlessly during his life for proposing . . . traveling to the moon.
William Harvey was ostracized for proposing the theory of blood circulation . . .
Opponents could never refute the science — they could only attack the man behind it. Just like they do with John today.
But there is a small group of scientists that are starting to listen, and take action!
17 Scientific Masterminds Speak
Unlike the “scientists” who want to present information that has been twisted to fit a political agenda, and slam anyone who rebels against the accepted dogma . . .
John has done nothing but put his research up to public scrutiny for the last few years.
And now some of the top scientific minds in the world are rallying to him. Here’s what they have to say . . .
  • Dr. Fumio Tsunoda, professor emeritus of geology at Japan’s Saitama University, testified, “ [John’s] work is quite a revelation that marks a step toward a new scientific civilization ” and his findings “add a brilliant page to the history of science.”
  • Dr. Natarajan Venkatanathan, professor of physics, SASTRA University, said, “ [John’s] ideas may be opposed by conventional scientists, but they will have to accept his theory because the truth prevails.
  • Dr. Boris Komitov, one of Europe’s top solar physicists and a professor at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, was so impressed with John’s work, he reached out to John and joined the Space and Science Research Corporation (SSRC). Here’s what Dr. Komitov had to say: “These problems brought on by this next climate change that Casey ably discusses . . . are more important than ever.
  • Dr. Ole Humlum, professor of physical geography at the University of Oslo, said, “The history of science is filled with examples of individuals with new ideas being met by the current scientific establishment not with enthusiasm, but rather with disregard and sometimes, even ridicule. These hypotheses were considered outrageous by many contemporary scientists, but today they represent the very foundation for much of our present understanding of planet Earth’s dynamics. New hypotheses based on empirical observations should always be welcomed warmly. This also applies very much to [the work] by John Casey.”
  • Dr. Giovanni Gregori, who has served on the National Research Council of Italy since 1963 and serves on multiple astronomical councils and in several societies, went so far as to say that John Casey is the modern day Leonardo da Vinci. He also said: “[John Casey’s work] is an important contribution for understanding and facing the environmental challenge, in its multifaceted and often disquieting manifestations.”
  • Dr. Dong Choi, editor-in-chief of the New Concepts in Global Tectonics newsletter, calls John’s work “earth-shattering.”
Each of these scientists has reviewed John’s work and had no choice but to agree with his conclusion after seeing the evidence, just as I did.
John even confided in me that several other scientists secretly support his work. They agree with his conclusions. They think “global warming” and the accepted climate science is hogwash.
But they can’t say anything about it.
In John’s words: “If you work for the government and you stand up and say, ‘Man-made climate change is all nonsense’ you can kiss your government job goodbye. They’ll either make it hell to work there, or fire you outright.”
It’s easy to get upset with these scientists, and we should be, but in reality, they are just trying to keep their jobs. We should put the bulk of the blame on our government.
We have a government that prefers comfortable delusion to uncomfortable truth.
Look, I Love This Country.
I am proud to be an American and I think God has really blessed this country.
When it comes down to it, no other nation has ever given every man, woman, and child the chance to enjoy so much prosperity.
And more importantly, so much control over their lives.
However, our nation has made a hard turn over the last few years — we’ve spent more time furthering agendas of a handful of politicians than actually protecting the American people.
John’s research is just one example.
Rather than being, as he says, “one of hundreds” sharing this information . . . John and his small organization have been doing it all.
And as a result of their tremendous effort, a small movement has started.
However, this small movement is at risk of dying in its tracks without help from bold Americans like you.
That’s why . . .

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