Monday, June 25, 2012

Automatic disbarment

Automatic disbarment  

Automatic disbarment 

So I’m watching Fox News last night … they’re talking about the possibility of a Supreme Court decision on ObamaCare today.  The main point of discussion was the mandate – the government telling you that you MUST purchase a health insurance policy.  They had some clown/attorney – a former prosecutor – on the air to discuss the matter.  Sure enough, and sadly enough, he excused the individual mandate on the grounds that, after all, the government requires you to buy automobile insurance.
Now I’m serious here – this isn’t just hyperbole.  Any attorney who utters that completely asinine line ought to be immediately called before his state’s licensing agency and argue against suspension of his license until he completes a course in logic.  If he fails the course his license should be revoked.  The mere utterance of that “well, the government requires you to buy automobile insurance” line is evidence a lack of rational thought capability such that the attorney presents a threat to any client he might represent.
I know I don’t have to do this for my regular listeners and Nuze readers; but for the benefit of any government educated readers who just stumbled into this blog, allow me to explain:
First of all;  the federal government doesn’t require people to buy car insurance.  State governments initiate that requirement.  Furthermore, the requirement to buy automobile insurance exists ONLY if you intend to drive an automobile that YOU own on a state or federal highway.  You can own a car and drive it around your own property as much as you like without ever buying an auto insurance policy.  It’s ONLY when you put that car on a public highway that the requirement comes into play.
In short – the purchase of car insurance is merely a part of the agreement that you VOLUNTARILY enter into with the state.  In exchange for that promise (and others, like abiding by driving rules and being licensed) you are granted permission to use those highways and rescue or protection.  Now really .. just how much brainpower does it take to figure this out?  If an attorney can’t understand this, then maybe needs to find another way to earn a living.

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