Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mark Udall's Facebook Page

Mark Udall's Facebook Page

[It has a lot of people that disagree.]

  • Today, I pledged to address Congress every day until it passes an extension of the Production Tax Credit for wind energy, which has created thousands of Colorado jobs by helping innovative companies – like Vestas – invest in clean energy. Without urgent action, good-paying jobs will be lost. Click “like” if you agree we should extend the wind energy Production Tax Credit.
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      • Donna Fisher THANK YOU!!!! Urge your colleagues to move as boldly and purposefully toward the 21st C., too. We already know where Industrialization leads. It is time to explore the NEW New World. Thank you again!
        3 hours ago ·

      • Fred Warner DRILL!!!
        3 hours ago · · 3

      • Fred Warner Industrialization saved Europe TWICE from Tyranny...and can lead us forward as a nation. Technical ability is critical to moving ANYTHING forward and we as a NATION have lost the edge---
        3 hours ago · · 3

      • Steven Poyzer Wake up Udall! It is not the responsibility of the taxpayers to subsidize private industries. Go ahead address congress everyday to risk taxpayer's money and I'll work everyday to see you're not re-elected!
        3 hours ago via mobile · · 5

      • Steve Graff If wind power is so great, why does it need to be subsidized? Is this really the time for hocus-pocus pet projects, Senator? Wake up. We don't need more Solyndras, we need market based solutions and MUCH less government waste.
        3 hours ago via mobile · · 6

      • Mary Greenwell Subsidies=BAD. Free Market=GOOD!
        3 hours ago · · 3

      • Don Herman Well, except for farmers and the subsidy they get for growing corn into ethanol, right?
        3 hours ago ·

      • Steven Poyzer No subsidies whatsoever!
        2 hours ago via mobile · · 2

      • Kevin Paul Condon Tax credit money is not needed if wind energy is economic. If it is, let the private sector take the risk. We've given enough.
        2 hours ago ·

      • Pat Kemm Mann How about eliminating all the subsidies from oil and gas companies and putting a portion of that into clean energy?
        2 hours ago · · 1

      • Patrick Howery Why don't you address congress everyday until you all stop SPENDING! Wind energy, what a joke.
        2 hours ago · · 1

      • Mary Groetken Come on Udall - stop using our tax dollars to subsidize your PET projects. Let the market work - if wind energy is a viable product it will live or die based on the market. Our economy is market based. We don't need the government to invest in companies to make them sucessful - just look at the post office (can't compete with UPS, Fedex, email), the railroad, medicare insurance . . . just saying.
        2 hours ago · · 3

      • Tom Rusconi Thanks Mark! I'm tired of the GOP placing holds on bills, calling it a filibuster, and that's that. If you believe in something, literally put your money where your mouth is. Keep fighting the good fight for clean, domestic energy and jobs here at home.
        2 hours ago ·

      • Dawn Hollister You mean the turbines made in China? Those help us grow our economy?
        2 hours ago via mobile ·

      • Victoria Heinecke Subsidies, more subsidies. The redistribution of hard-working Americans' tax dollars to prop up an industry that should be able to stand on its own.
        2 hours ago · · 1

      • Barbara K. Duncan-Taylor Thank you Mr. Udall! Not only an industry that needs to be expanded, but one that also brings jobs to our great state! Good job!

      • Steve Graff How about if you fight for economically self-sustaining energy sources, and economically self-sustaining jobs? A job that the government has to buy is a drain on the economy. An energy "source" that must be government funded because the private sector knows it's a loser, is a drain on the economy.
        You are asking us to support loser projects with money that is taken from the private sector, by the government, that could have been spent by the private sector on creating real jobs and increasing wealth.
        You are, sir, a political hack and part of the problem!

        about an hour ago via mobile · · 2

      • Matt James Keep it up, Mark!

      • Eric Pierce Keep up the great work, Senator Udall. Don't mind the haters (some of whom I notice don't live anywhere near Colorado). Unlike jobs in the fossil fuel industry, wind power jobs created by the PTC are sustainable over the long term. Coal, gas, and oil are running out; we will still have wind for the next few billion years.

      • Julius Henry Awesome: Mark of LaMancha....keep tilting Senator.
        about an hour ago · · 2

      • Steve Graff I live in 80538. I'm a hater of wasteful spending.
        about an hour ago via mobile · · 1

      • Everett Wery Once again, no thank you!
        56 minutes ago · · 1

      • Lawrence Herbert Save Wind Energy from the Environmental Subsidies enjoyed by Oil and Gas - preserve Wind Energy!!!
        5 minutes ago ·

      • Don Pettygrove I object to subsidizing this industry. If it can make it on its own, fine, but we don't ave the money and we have other forms of energy that are cheaper. Let's use them.

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